Silica Gel: An Excellent Desiccant with Outstanding Benefits

If you are in the business of electronics, you might be aware that moisture can cause extensive damage to electronic products. And considering the amount of investment made in the production of each electronic product, you wouldn’t want it to get damaged even before it reaches the customer. Therefore, you must keep each electronic product free from moisture after packaging. This can be easily done by using silica gel which is excellent at absorbing moisture from its surroundings. Sure, other materials can be used as a desiccant such as activated charcoal or molecular zeolites. But silica gel has some distinctive benefits over others. In this article, we are listing those benefits.

· Silica gel is inert, and hence, it will not react with the product or its parts. This will also ensure that there is no corrosion to any metallic part of the product.

· Silica gel is non-flammable. This ensures that it will not catch fire due to excess heat or any other condition. This will also protect your electronic equipment from damage.

· Silica gel has a high shelf life. This is possible if it is kept airtight either in containers or packets.

· Silica gel can absorb upto 40% of its weight without getting too bulky. So, it can be easily kept in the package for absorbing moisture without making the package heavy.

· Silica gel comes in different sizes such as small packets to bulk. Hence based on your product packaging it can be conveniently packed.

As you can see, using silica gel as a desiccant is of the utmost importance and beneficial for your electronic product. Therefore, don’t neglect the need for using Silica gel as a desiccant.

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