Silicone Spray- A Multifunctional Lubricant

Silicone spray is the releasing agent and lubricant, free from mineral oil and grease. It can be used as an excellent lubricant, waterproofing and corrosion protection for plastics, metal, rubber and wood surfaces. Since it is water resistant it can also protect items from moisture.

ASV 4298 - Mould Release Silicon Spray 500ml
Since these sprays have much to offer it is important to discuss amazing uses this product have.

Automobile Uses:

This versatile lubricant has a big role to play when it comes to automobile maintenance and fixations. Are you tired of taking care of your vehicle maintenance and want a quick solution? get a silicone spray. It will take care of every lubrication needs from gas cap doors, wiper blades, doors, hood, deck-lid, lift gate hinges, doorlock cylinders, seatbelts, chassis lubrications and what not. Silicone Spray is the most go to product to prevent unnecessary wear and tear of your vehicle.

Household Uses:

Silicone spray can be used on things were you want them to work smooth such as doors, windows, hinges handles, locks, tools, zipper and almost everything where normal greases and oils cannot be used. It can also be used in snow showels to prevent the snow from sticking to the showel. It is a great aid to your gardening equipment kit as well.

Other Uses:

Silicone spray is a super liquid which can be used to remove superglue from the things that are attached hardly and are tough to separate otherwise. It can also be used to bring your new shoes to style by softening its leather. Moreover it can be used in DIY’s to get things smoother and sailing.

About Technical Beacons

Formed in 2016, Technical Beacons has established a reputation as a premier supplier in maintenance and industrial chemicals across Saudi Arabia. They have a range of silicon spray, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, epoxies and more across top performing brands such as liquimoly, weicon, ABRO, Loctite and many more. With the team of professionals and experts across the chemical industry they know what makes a good safe product and provides complete maintenance solutions for your business.

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