silk pyjamas not only do not stimulate the skin, but also suitable for sleep


• Feeling untethered

• whether hygroscopicity is good

• Is it a good touch

• whether you feel relaxed and don’t feel tight when you move

• Will the fabric roll up when you roll over

Silk is a beautiful companion, silk pyjamas not only do not stimulate the skin, but also suitable for sleep.

After entering sleep, in order to lower the body’s deep temperature, sweating will increase, sleep will flow about a cup of water sweat. To direct contact with the skin of the goods, with a good moisture absorption and release of the material, the most comfortable. The hygroscopicity of silk is cotton 1.5 times, and put wet, so the cloth will not be sticky, can keep dry for a long time. In all climates, from tropical India to frigid Siberia, only 0.2 g or so of cocoons can not protect the silkworms inside. It can be seen that silk has the effect of this natural air conditioning warm in winter and cool in summer. Sleep can gently assist 0.5 ~ 1 degrees Celsius of temperature changes.

Silk is very light, so sleep can easily turn over, silk contains sericin protein similar to human skin composition, so good affinity, touch is also quite comfortable. This sense of comfort promotes relaxation, making it easier for the body to parasympathetic nervous system into a resting or resting state.

Female friends had better avoid wearing underwear or Spanx to restrain the body. The circulation gets worse, and you can’t keep your hands and feet warm. The temperature in the deep part of the body can not be lowered and it is impossible to fall asleep. It is important to keep your abdomen and hands and feet warm. Wear three-minute underwear to keep your thighs warm. Pyjamas suggested that the choice of soft materials, good flexibility, no sense of bondage style.

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