Simple Dos and Don’ts for Painting

It’s not as simple as buying a tin of paint, a paintbrush, and throwing some paint on the walls now that you’ve decided to do some painting. Painting can be simple if you follow some of the painting do’s and don’ts given by expert painters Bondi.


If you’re not sure about the colour, buy a quart first rather than a large quantity. Paint a piece of foam board and move it about the room to notice how different times of the day alter the colour. You can also seek the help of painters Bondi Junction to choose the paint colour.

Take your time to clean up the area. Put all of your artwork and accessories in one box and store it somewhere out of the way. Wipe down walls and tape off moulding, then move furniture to the centre of the room (or into another room entirely). Because plastic sheets can be slippery and filthy, cover the floor with a drop cloth.

Remove all hardware, including switchplates, doorknobs, and curtain hardware, and place it in a plastic bag.

Collect all of the materials you’ll need and set up a “paint station” in or near the room. A paint tray, brushes, painters’ tape, rollers, stir sticks, rags, paint can opener, paint thinner, hammer, a screwdriver, and a ladder are among the tools you’ll need.

Get a decent paint tray and mark it with cheap throwaway plastic tray forms. In a pinch, aluminium foil will suffice.

Make a rough estimate of how much paint you require. It’s always preferable to mix everything all at once. DO use the right rollers and brushes for the job. Depending on the viscosity of the paint (how well it rolls over the surface) and the texture of the wall, different rollers are necessary. Painting on and around trim is best done with brushes with angled tips.


If you have a little patience, you’ll get the best outcomes. You won’t be disappointed if you plan on making it a full-day event.

DO NOT pour paint from the can until the rim of the paint can has been notch-holed. To create holes for the paint to trickle back into the can, just hammer holes around the metal rim with a nail.

DO NOT PAINT IN ORDER – begin with the ceiling, then the walls, doors, and woodwork, and last the floor.

DO NOT apply latex to an oil finish without first sanding the walls (use a mask) and wiping away dust with a tack cloth. Apply a primer with the same composition (oil or latex) as the topcoat you’re going to use.

DO NOT PAINT DIRECTLY ONTO WALLPAPER. Remove it completely with a steamer or a paper-removing solution if possible, then prime. Remove the loose bits (fix using joint compound to smooth off the surface), sand, and wipe with a tack cloth before priming if it’s old and won’t come off.

DO NOT close the door to the room. Allow for appropriate ventilation by keeping doors and windows open.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE TIME IT WILL TAKE YOU TO COMPLETE THE JOB. Allow at least 24 hours for everything to dry before returning to the room. Allow two to thirty days for the paint to cure before washing or cleaning.

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