Simple Methods for Resolving the Amazon Kindle Silk Browser Issues

Kindle is one of the best eBooks reading devices one can find in the market. It allows the users to read in numerous lighting conditions and provides crystal clear clarity. It has a broad customer base and enjoys the number one status among the ebook reading devices. However, there are some issues the users face, such as silk browser issues which can be resolved with excellent kindle customer support for technical assistance. If you have been facing silk browser issues on amazon kindle, then you can read some of the suggestions here to fix them effectively.

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Connection to wifi

  • Some users face issues related to wifi connectivity which can be resolved by checking if the connection is valid. You can also go to the network settings and see if the connectivity exists.
  • You can also check the wifi settings on your device and make sure you have the feature of wifi turned on to be connected to the network successfully.

Switching off the parental controls

  • There are some apps on your device that do not function well with the parental control facility on. You will require turning it off; you can do that by navigating to the settings sections and pressing on the tab of parental controls.
  • You can int now the password of parental controls. This password will be different than what you have chosen for the pin.

Crashing of the silk browser

You can follow some of the steps to resolve this issue.

  • Start by selecting the silk browser and then navigate to the left-hand side and select the option named history. After this press on the icon of trash and then choose the site data and cookies option. After this, you will be able to see the cached images.
  • Further, you can press the option of clear the data and then swipe on the left side and select the option of settings. Further, you can input the advanced and site settings and select all the options required to be select.

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