Simple Steps To Help You Upgrade Or Install Windows-10 Version

If you are still using an older version of Windows (7 or 8) then it is important to upgrade. The process can easily be performed as a DIY task. Upgrading will also help improve the performance of your computer.


The latest version of Windows is designed more user friendly. The process to navigate through Windows is more simplified.


  • You can look around for licensed upgrades online on the official website
  • You can also purchase the license key from a nearby Windows dealer
  • Check with the technical specs of your system before upgrading


These three steps are important.  Windows 10 pro upgrade is only supported by the latest systems. If you are still using outdated Windows, then upgrades or installation may not be possible.


  • Free or licensed


You will come across both versions of Windows 10 or Pro. But the free version is never authentic There are chances that it could work on your system for a few days. But in later stages, the software will crash on its own.


This is one of the reasons it is always advisable to install only licensed Windows products. You can always log on to the official Windows portal and download the licensed key on your own. The installation process may take a few hours, depending on the internet speed.


  • Check with driver issues


It is necessary to get familiar with the driver-related issues. This is a software program that will help speed up the installation process. If you are already using licensed Windows software, then you may not face this issue.


If your system software is pirated, then driver issues are common. You can search for the most accurate driver tool online when searching for Windows 10 home key.


  • Launch download option


Once you have purchased the licensed key for installing Windows 10, you have to get started with the download option. The task can be performed by simply following the basic instructions. If you are installing the latest version from the official Windows store, then you will be directed through the entire process.


If the software you’re purchased is licensed then do not attempt to install the same on multiple devices. The software license key may not support this action. In case anything goes wrong, the system will completely crash.


  • Seek technical assistance


Technical assistance is always the best option for any user who is not tech-savvy. If you are unaware of the installation process, then you can contact the Windows dealer. You can also look around for a technical person within your reach.


This is important as the installation process will require you to make small changes. You can also look around for Windows 10 professional, support team, online. Without technical assistance, it may not be easy for you to upgrade or install.


  • Agree to terms and conditions


When performing the DIY installation task, you may have to agree to all terms and conditions you come across during the download process. The system will automatically install and launch Windows 10 on your system.


Once the installation is done you may have to restart the computer or the laptop. This is important to launch the new version of Windows on your computer.


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