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ISO 45001 – Oman – 2.0


About Sultanate of Sultanate of Oman

The country close to Arabian Peninsula region which share Strait of Hormuz. A country who is rich in oil reserves and fisheries business. The people of Oman are down to earth and carries humble attitude. The country which is filled with breath taking beautiful beaches and sceneries. A country which is loved by expatriates specially Asians to work in. A country whose currency is second highest in the world and last but not the least feature is the country which is a second largest gulf country after Saudi Arabia. The total area in square kilometers is three hundred nine thousand and five hundred. The climate is of Oman is dry and hot throughout the year. Omanis grow dates and other agricultural feeds.

The natural resources consists oil, natural gas, copper, petroleum, marble, limestone, chromium, mercury etc. The Oman industrial sector includes production of natural and liquefied petroleum gases, cement, copper, chemicals, steel, fisheries etc. Apart from these there are many foreign companies invested and doing business in food processing, logistics, tourism, healthcare, information technology etc. Oman is the least agricultural country since because of the climatic factor.

How to prepare Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The <Senior Management Team> has to develop OHS Policy, which is to strive for a safer workplace by:

  • Adopting good OHS practices
  • Preventing injury and ill health
  • Continually improving our OHS management
  • Continually improving our OHS performance
  • Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements

An example OHS Policy is given above. Add your own OHS Policy here, for examples just google ‘example Health and Safety Policy’.

To accord with the standard, the policy must:

  • Be appropriate to the nature and scale of the organization’s OHS risks
  • Include a commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OHS management and OHS performance
  • Include a commitment to at least comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes that relate to its OHS hazards
  • Provides the framework for setting and reviewing OHS objectives
  • Be documented, implemented and maintained
  • Be communicated to all persons working under the control of the organization with the intent that they are made aware of their individual OHS obligations
  • Be available to interested parties
  • Be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organization.

The <Senior Management Team> consider that, in accordance with OHSAS 18001, this OHS Policy:

  • Is appropriate to the nature, scale and the risks of our activities, products and services
  • Provides a framework for setting OHS objectives
  • Includes a commitment to fulfil our compliance obligations
  • Includes a commitment to continuously improve the performance of the occupational health and safety management system

This policy governs our day-to-day operations to ensure good OHS outcomes and is communicated and implemented throughout our organization. Our OHS Policy is made available as a stand-alone document and widely distributed, including during induction and to interested parties.

Our OHS Policy is typically reviewed annually, as part of the OHS management review program, or as required to recognize ISO 45001 Certificaiton in Oman the changing needs and expectations of relevant interested parties or risks identified by the management review process.

Objectives, Targets, Performance indicators and Program:

We have established, implemented, documented, assigned responsibility for and maintain OHS objectives and targets at relevant functions and levels.

Our overall objectives are to:

  • Reduce accidents by 10% per annum
  • Insure compliance with noise regulations
  • Improve ergonomics of the assembly area
  • Enhance OHS awareness among employees, contractors, and visitors

Example OHS Policy objectives are given above. Add your own OHS Objectives and targets here, for examples just google ‘example Health and Safety Objectives’.

To accord with the standard, the objectives must:

Be measurable, where practicable, and consistent with the OHS policy, including the commitments to the prevention of injury and ill health, to compliance with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and to continual improvement

Consider your technological options, your financial, operational and business requirements, and the views of relevant interested parties

These overall objectives should be supported by documented objectives and targets (which may be specific to a function or level, but should be consistent with the overall objectives), at any  relevant functions and levels.

The <Senior Management Team> ensures that our OHS objectives are:

  • Consistent with our OHS policy
  • Measurable (if practicable) and supported by performance indicators where appropriate
  • Reflect the risks inherent in our activities
  • include commitments to:

– The prevention of injury and ill health

– Compliance with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which we subscribe

– Continual improvement

  • Reflect our technological options, our financial, operational and business requirements, and the views of relevant interested parties
  • Monitored
  • Communicated
  • Updated as appropriate

Progress towards achieving each objective, and the targets themselves, are reviewed annually by the <Senior Management Team> and updated as necessary.

These objectives, and the results of the <Senior Management Team>’s annual review, are communicated to all employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, interested parties and the wider community.

We maintain documented information on each of the OHS objectives.

To achieve these objectives we have implemented OHS Improvement Programs which include, as a minimum:

  • Designation of responsibility and authority for achieving objectives at relevant functions and levels of the organization
  • The means and time-frame by which the objectives are to be achieved

These programs are documented and progress is reviewed at our regular OHS management reviews, where programs may be adjusted as necessary to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

Resources, roles, responsibility, accountability, and authority:

<Senior Management Team> demonstrates leadership and commitment to achieving the objectives of our OHSMS by taking ultimate accountability for its effectiveness and by providing direction and support ensuring that:

  • Our occupational health and safety management system is suitably resourced
  • The importance of effective OHS management, and of conforming to the requirements of our OHSMS, are clearly communicated
  • Our OHSMS achieves its intended outcomes
  • Continual improvement is actively promoted
  • Our OHS policies, objectives and targets are, where appropriate, reflected in individual performance objectives

Our <Senior Management Team> has assigned responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities for all roles relevant to the full and proper implementation, operation and maintenance of this management system. These are communicated through the combination of our Organization Chart and internal Job Titles.

We have appointed a member of the <Senior Management Team> to have specific responsibility for OHS, irrespective of their other responsibilities, and with defined roles and authority for:

  • Ensuring that our OHSMS is established, implemented and maintained in accordance with OHSAS 18001
  • Ensuring that reports on the performance of our OHSMS are presented to the <Senior Management Team> for review and used as a basis for improvement of our OHSMS

The identity of the <Senior Management Team> appointee is made available to all persons working under our control.

The member of the <Senior Management Team>, that has been appointed to have specific responsibility for OHS, may delegate some of their duties to a subordinate management representative(s) while still retaining accountability. Such delegations are documented and made available to all persons working under our control.

The <Senior Management Team> has assigned responsibility and authority for:

  • Ensuring that our OHSMS conforms to applicable standards
  • Ensuring that OHSMS processes are delivering their intended outcomes
  • Reporting on the performance of our OHSMS
  • Insuring the promotion of a focus on OHS matters throughout the organization
  • Ensuring that the integrity of our OHSMS is maintained when changes are planned and implemented

All managers are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the implementation ISO Certification in Oman and improvement of our OHSMS through:

  • The provision of necessary resources
  • Their involvement in the internal audit process
  • Their proactive involvement in continual improvement activities

All managers are responsible, within their scope of responsibility, for the implementation of the policies, processes and systems described in this manual and for planning, controlling and suitably resourcing OHSMS processes.

All staff are responsible for the implementation of the OHS policies and procedures applicable to processes they perform ISO Consultant in Oman and are encouraged to identify and report any known or potential problems and to recommend related solutions.

All staff have the authority to stop activities to address OHS risks.




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