Simple Ways to Decorate Your Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a shelf on which books can be stored. bookshelves typically refer to a single, wall-mounted shelf, a small grouped set of wall-mounted shelves or a ladder-style piece.

A well-curated bookshelf not only speaks of your own interests and intellectual leanings, but invites guests to explore a face of your personality that few may be privy to.

Importance of bookshelf:

i) Having a bookshelf is important because it saves a lot of space in the house. If books are kept here and there they take up a lot of space in the room. You can buy a suitable bookshelf according to the availability of space in your house. This would save the space as the books and files will no longer be scattered.

ii) Books shelf helps to keep the books organised and arranged. This makes your house and office look pretty and attractive.

iii)Having a bookshelf saves time. In a bookshelves, the books are arranged in a specific manner so it is not difficult to find a book when you need them. The books Table becomes easier and thus it saves time.

iv)The bookshelves add to the beauty of your house. These days they are a part of interior decoration and designing. 

Ways To Decorate Bookshelf:

i) Bring In Strategic Stacking:

Lay ‘em down! Add a couple sections of books stacked horizontally to add a bit of dimension to your shelf. Not only does it break up the monotony of rows and rows of vertically standing books, but it creates spots among your books to front-face your favorites or house other items. 

ii) Start with larger items first:

It’s easy to come undone when you begin styling your shelf with small decorative items. So start to fill your shelf with larger items such as woven baskets or artwork. This will help you get the scale and balance right and give you a basic layout.

iii)Get Playful but Practical:

When you’re decorating kids’ rooms table, it’s important to consider both the playful and the practical: You want to create a space they’ll love but one that’s easy to tidy up and keep organized too. So take a page from these delightful shelves, which mix colorful toys and books with woven bins and baskets for tucking away clutter.

iv)Bring in artwork:

I mentioned starting with artwork and this doesn’t have to be expensive. I love this large A1 timber frame I got from Adairs which makes inexpensive posters look like framed pieces of art. And the best bit, you can easily change the posters or prints as your mood or seasons change.

v)Go for Clever Displays:

Compact and understated, this vertical shelving unit makes books look like they’re floating on the wall without actually having to pick up a hammer. Oh, and we love to buy mini chair on the top shelf for a subtle touch of whimsy.

vi)Add Color to the back of your bookshelf:

This is a great way to make your bookshelf look more harmonious. If you don’t want to paint you can always use contact paper or temporary wallpaper in a solid color.


Gone are the days of strictly traditional bookshelf arrangements; the shelving cases of today boast a modern sensibility tinged with a truly unique knack for getting the conversation started. Whether you only have a few treasured tomes next to your bed or hold on to every romance novel and have piles and piles littered around your house, your most cherished reads deserve better; they should live on a dreamy bookshelf.

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