Simplest Methods to get HP printer Online from Offline



HP offers the best range of printers that are packed with top-notch features. HP has become the most loved printer brand across the world. Its printers come with high-class features and quality services. Despite having the best features, HP printer users come across several errors in the printer while using them. HP Printer offline is a common problem that arises every now and then. There could be several grounds that triggered these issues. Hence, we will converse it in the below section of this article.

What does “HP Printer is Offline” means?

A " printer offline” status on printers indicates that the system deserted to connect with the related printer. This can happen because of errors in connection, poor setups, faulty drivers, or if a lot of print jobs pending in the print line. These things restrict you to take printouts except if you turn the printer online. Many individuals complain that their printer goes offline. Hence, here below are the few steps to fix this problem.

Fix HP printer Showing Offline

To fetch the printer from offline to online, you need to remove all the cable from your printer to the computer, turn off both devices and keep an eye on the beneath steps:

  • Tap on the Start button and write device and printers in the search box
  • Now tap on device and printers, and check the status of the printer, is it online or offline
  • Next, right-tap on the printer icon and see what’s printing 
  • After clicking the printer, you can see a checkmark on use printer offline
  • Make sure that you set your HP printer as a default printer.

An alternative method to solve the Offline printer issue, using the command to do so follow underneath steps:

  • Hit the Windows key + R and open the command box 
  • Write services.msc in the bar
  • Now discover spooler service from the list
  • Choose it by tapping, now navigate to the left corner 
  • Tap on start service.

Additional Ways to Resolve the Issue 

As the reason for the problem may not be the same for every user. Above-given steps would work for some and could not work for others. Hence, there are some additional ways to HP printer offline fix. Pay a glance at them. 

Check your printer connections

Check both corners of the cables that are as it should be attached to the device. If the printer is connected properly make sure that the internet wire is properly injected. In case, you have wireless connection try to switch off and on your router to resolve this issue.

Install Latest Printer Drivers

Old or mismatched drivers can ground many problems printer offline issues also may happen due to the old and incompatibility of drivers.

Eliminate All Pending Print Jobs

A lengthy list of pending print jobs can confine the printer to execute the task accurately. Hence, try to clear the print job list.

Eliminating and Reinstalling Your Printer

Go to the control panel and uninstalled the printer and then restarting it. Now install the printer into your device. This might help you to get rid of the issue. 

These above-given methods possibly the answer to your “How to get printer online” question. Give a try and resolve the issue.

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