Singapore Licensed Money Lender in Jurong East

Best Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

Best Licensed Money Lender in Singapore


Quick Credit Pte Ltd has been a licensed money lender in Singapore since the year 2002.


They are located in Singapore at the Jurong area. Quick Credit Pte Ltd has up till today helped tons and tons of people who are in need of money. They provide loans on short and long term. This depends on what you need!


Right now, they have launched a new product that will help clients even better. And what exactly is that? It is loan customisation. Customisation of loans means you will be able to ensure that the loan terms you take up will be suitable for what you are looking for. Everything will be fully customised. From the loan terms, to amount you require, to how much you will repay every month. Even how long the payment can be stretched to. Other than their standard loan types, the customisation option has brought a lot of flexibility to people.


Quick Credit Pte Ltd is unlike any other money lender. They do not just lend you the money and send you on your way. The staff at Quick Credit listens to what you have to say and try their best to provide you with an alternative or solution out of your situation.


They not only provide their clients with the cash but also truly wants the best for all of their clients, new and old. Looking at different sites reviewing moneylenders in Singapore, you will be able to find tons of reviews from their previous clients. The reviews are nothing but thanks for the help that they have received from Quick Credit. From what we can see, if Quick Credit did not help them, they would have still been stuck in their problems.


If you are a foreigner, do not worry, Quick Credit provides loans to foreigners working in Singapore as well. They understand that even foreigners can run into problems so their loan service are open to foreigners who are working in Singapore.


They are open everyday even on the weekends. Except for public holidays. They are one of the money lender open on weekends because they know that everyone and anyone can need cash on any day of the week. Thus opening their office doors everyday means that people are able to get access to a loan quickly when they need it. Their whole loan processes is known to be very fast, easy and simple. It can all be done within half an hour to one hour.


Their staff are able to prepare the loan contract quickly. They will then explain each and every page of the contact to you, ensuring that you understand the conditions of taking a loan. The reviews online shows that there are no hidden clauses in their loan contracts. You can be sure that what you see, is indeed what you will be getting.


Check out their website for more information if you are interested in taking a loan.


You can also contact them at +65 6899 6188! Paying a visit to their office at 2 Jurong East Street 21 #04-01A IMM Building Singapore 609601 is also possible. Drop by without an appointment is alright too!

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