SIOP Summer Institute

TESOL Trainers offers an intensive SIOP summer institute that will set your teachers up for success. This interactive professional development workshop will inspire your educators to implement SIOP immediately after attending this training.

​We give teachers the knowledge, attitude, skills, and awareness they need to plan, teach, and reflect on a SIOP lesson.

SIOP Summer Institute 2021

This summer you can set your teachers up for success by sending them to our SIOP summer institutes. During this time, teachers will learn about what SIOP is, why they should use this framework, and how they can plan and teach with SIOP in mind.  This fast-paced program is full of SIOP tips and techniques that teachers can use in their classrooms immediately.

What is SIOP?

SIOP {Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol} is a K-12 teaching framework that uses researched-based techniques that makes the content more comprehensible to students while promoting Academic English language proficiency and content mastery.   The techniques and strategies SIOP highlights, while created to support English learners, scaffolds all students into success.

The SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) was originally designed as a teacher observation tool. Over the duration of the project, teachers realized that SIOP could be useful for lesson planning and reflection. The model was then used to train teachers to implement effective sheltered strategies in their classes.  Now, it is used in all K-12 settings as a means of supporting the language and academic development of English learners.

Sheltered instruction is a series of methods and techniques that help ELs more easily understand and acquire language and content.  The protocol consists of 8 categories of focus:  Lesson preparation, Building background, Comprehensibility, Strategies, Interaction, Practice/Application, Lesson delivery, and Review/Evaluation.  Together, the 8 categories provide the teacher with a clear guide of how to support English learners.

Within each category are a series of guiding objectives.  For example, under lesson preparation one would find a reference for clear content objectives and clear language objectives; under the category of Lesson Delivery, it asks that the students be engaged 90-100% of the time.  Each component is designed to encourage the teacher to consciously plan how the students will interact with the language, the content, and their peers.

What does the Summer SIOP Institute look like?

This SIOP Institute lasts from 3-5 days long. Each day highlights specific aspects of the SIOP framework using model lessons, practical strategies, and techniques. Teachers discuss the lessons and identify the SIOP components that are addressed in each lesson.  Then, teachers practice implementing the techniques and make a plan for how they will apply them in their teaching contexts.

This course can be tailored for your school to meet any scheduling constraints or design preferences.  We can provide content and focus that is specific to any group of teachers (e.g., primary school teachers, language arts teachers, etc).

TESOL Trainers can tailor-make this course to fit your needs. While most schools choose the 5-day program, we can provide you with a 3-day SIOP Summer Institute. Some schools want to target specific grades and/or subjects. We can train K-6 teachers in the morning and 7-12 teachers in the afternoon. Many schools desire to have a remote PD. We have the most engaging online PDs your teachers will ever attend!

Why TESOL Trainers?

TESOL Trainers is the #1 provider of experiential professional development.  Whether you choose a remote SIOP institute or a traditional one, every moment from beginning to end is interactive.  Instead of lecturing our audience, we invite them into the whole experience as an active learner, a teacher, and an observe of the two.

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