Sipping Communion from the same Cup: Is it safe?

Breaking bread and sharing Communion from the same cup has been the norm in most Christian churches. This process is a replica of the Last Supper. Christians re-enact the Last Supper because they believe that Jesus did the same with His disciples to symbolize unity and togetherness. But is the practice of sharing one cup for Communion safe?

Even though cases of people falling sick because of sharing communion cups are not rampant, it is not prudent for several reasons.

The spread of infectious diseases

Although religious leaders wash their hands thoroughly before handing out Communion and wipe the communion cups after every sip, that doesn’t prevent the spread of infections. According to doctors, viruses can remain on the chalice even after wiping. That means. Once a sick person takes a sip, everyone that comes after them exposes themselves to the infection. For this reason, religious leaders have to use a separate cup when they’re sick. With that said, you should note that your body’s reaction to the infection is dependent on the strength of your immune system.

General hygiene

Although the act of Holy Communion symbolizes unity and a love for Jesus Christ, it may not be hygienic to share the same cup of wine or grape juice amongst ten or more people. Many Christians continue to state their discomfort when it comes to sharing communion cups. They feel that it is generally unhygienic.

Overall, Holy Communion is a sacred practice for all Christians. But despite the spread of infections over the years being low, sharing communion cups poses a gradual health hazard.

For example, Covid-19 has affected the entire world and taken lives. Most people are carriers, and they don’t know. Therefore, sharing communion cups with the virus carriers exposes other congregants to this deadly virus’s harsh effects.

So, how can churches avoid unhygienic situations and the spread of infections? Religious leaders can opt for individual plastic cups or pre-filled communion cups to bring the church together during Holy Communion.

What are pre-filled communion cups?

Pre-filled Communion cups are plastic cups that come packaged with wine, grape juice, or the church’s drink of choice. Churches buy these packaged cups and distribute them to each member during Communion. The congregants don’t have to drink from the same cup.

Miracle Meals packages pre-filled communion cups, which also contain the bread. All the religious leaders do is pray over the cups and distribute them to the congregants. These cups are essential for various reasons.

  • They are easy to use. Congregants only need to unwrap the packaging for the piece of bread and drink the grape juice after the pastor/priest blesses it.
  • Pre-filled Communion cups are hygienic. Because religious leaders don’t share the chalice among five or more people, it is easier to avoid the spread of infections.
  • Pre-filled cups have a very long shelf-life. These packages can stay fresh for a whole year. Churches can purchase them in bulk without worrying about longevity.
  • Lastly, they maintain the significance of the Lord’s Supper. Due to Covid-19, most churches encourage their audiences to partake in Holy Communion at home during online services.

Holy Communion is a significant practice, and through the introduction of pre-filled communion cups, Christians can continue to partake in this symbol of unity and love for Christ from anywhere in the world.

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