Sit Comfortably for Long Hours on Reclining Manual Wheelchairs

The reclining manual wheelchairs are more comfortable than standard wheelchairs due to presence of reclining back and high headrest features. Also known as tilt-in-space wheelchairs, these chairs tilt to incremental angle positions from where a person can sleep and sit comfortably for long hours. The conventional seating system of the wheelchair leads to back pain due to upright back position. On the other hand, reclining wheelchairs allow users to change the position of a seat as per his comfort level.

Another great feature of reclining manual wheelchairs is they have head support, which is easy to fold and remove during transportation. These chairs ideally support weight up to 300-350 lbs. Heavy weight users can look for bariatric manual reclining wheelchairs with weight capacity of 500-700 lbs. It goes without saying these chairs are durable and expensive also. Another important factor necessary to consider on reclining wheelchair is seat stays-in-place and only back reclines to specific angles.

Benefits with Reclining Manual Wheelchairs

  • These chairs ease pressure sores by allowing easy user repositioning and even distribution of body weight.
  • Wheelchairs with traditional seating system regain mobility but are not comfortable when a person uses them on long term basis. On the other hand, when a person sits on bariatric manual wheelchairs with reclining feature, he experiences comfort.
  • These chairs support safe lateral transfer from chair to bed by reclining the backseat to specific angles.  Some reclining wheelchairs even become flat thereby allowing user to sleep comfortably.
  • These wheelchairs are highly customizable.  A person as per his requirements can customize the wheelchair with elevated leg rests, swing-away armrests and safety belts for added security and comfort.

It goes without saying that mobility aids with advanced features are expensive than its counterparts. For instance, bariatric manual wheelchairs are more expensive than bariatric or standard manual wheelchairs.

Different kinds of reclining wheelchairs are available in the market with varied features and construction. It is extremely important to weigh your medical needs carefully before taking these wheelchairs on rent. To add further, always look for reputed companies when you are making investment in the mobility aids.

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