Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, and for the first time, candidates sitting UCAT UK 2020 have the option of sitting UCAT online, rather than at a UCAT testing centre.

If you have chosen to sit UCAT UK 2020 online, here are three top tips to ensure the experience goes smoothly.

  1. Organise your space

Unlike sitting UCAT UK 2020 in a testing centre, when you sit UCAT online, you will need to ensure that you have a suitable room and equipment to sit the test.

Ensure you have:

  • A table clear of clutter
  • A quiet room where you will not be disturbed by others in your household (the room must be walled, and with a door)
  • A computer
  • We suggest using a computer with a large screen, such as a desktop computer, rather than a small laptop, so you can easily see the UCAT text
  • If your computer does not have a mouse or keypad, you should purchase them and plug them into your device. This will make navigating the UCAT and using the UCAT calculator quicker. UCAT Exam 2021
  • A whiteboard for you to make notes during UCAT
  • Note that the UCAT test will provide an online scratch padscratch pad, but this will significantly slow you down
  • Make sure you purchase a whiteboard, with a couple of erasable markers and a whiteboard eraser to use during UCAT
  1. Prepare for technical issues

There is a chance that you will encounter technical difficulties during UCAT UK 2020 if you are sitting it online. Although this is unlikely, we have certainly heard reports of it happening this year. If you know what to do in advance, it will help significantly if any problems occur on UCAT test day.

To help avoid technical issues, you should:

  • Check your internet connection in the lead up to and the morning of the UCAT
  • Ensure your computer has all necessary updates installed, so you are not interrupted by an update in the middle of the UCAT
  • Close all other programs that you do not need while sitting UCAT
  • If you are using a laptop, ensure your device is fully charged, and plug it in for the duration of the UCAT
  • Know who you should contact if anything goes wrong on the day of the UCAT
  1. Simulate the experience when practicing

You are probably used to sitting examinations in a hall on pen and paper, with many other students. You may never have sat an exam online before. The experience can therefore feel unusual.

It is therefore even more important that you simulate the UCAT test experience when you are preparing for UCAT. This involves:

  • Practicing on a platform that exactly replicates the live UCAT to avoid any surprises on test day
  • Preparing for UCAT in the same room and with the same equipment that you will use on UCAT test day
  • Getting into a routine in the lead up to UCAT, including waking up at the same time each day, getting used to eating a nutritious meal, and having a pre-performance routine

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