Six Features To Look For When Buying A Box Trailer

Box trailer can prove to be a great investment if you want to carry your equipment or to haul your goods. If you are looking ahead to purchase box trailers to tow large and goods securely, certain important parameters will help you determine the quality of your purchase.

Tipper Trailer price in India is well within your budget, and you will get the best model as per your product specifications. Box Body trailer manufacturer will provide you with robust and reliable trailers as per your requirements if you look for the following features mentioned in this article.

1) Payload Capacity

What is the estimated weight of your goods that your trailers should be able to carry?

Many people often consider ATM weight when they make their purchase. This weight is a combination of Tare Weight and Payload capacity. You need to have a better estimate of the payload capacity of the trailer if you want to determine if it is suitable for your purpose. You should look at the ATM weight to determine if it is suitable for your vehicle to tow.

2) Tare Weight

A trailer that has better durability and has a lower tare weight for better fuel efficiency and maneuverability will prove to be a better choice. The box trailer, which has aluminum panels, serves better for this purpose as they are lightweight. The rust and corrosion resistance properties of aluminum make it a suitable choice.

3) Tie Down Points/Lashing Hooks:

You need to have the facility to load the goods with security and confident safety. The box trailers, which are sturdy and have convenient interior lashing hooks included in the system, will prove to be efficient.

4) Cage Removal

Box trailers that come with removable cages are convenient to use as you can add or remove the accessories as per your need.

5) Braking

The box trailers with an ATM weight above 750kg should have brakes on all axles and should have a breakaway system. Some of the available options are Override Mechanical, Override Hydraulic, Electric Brakes, and Electric Hydraulic.

6) Ease Of Loading & Unloading

Certain of the factors that you need to determine while making your purchase are: loading height of the trailer, removable/hinging sides, tilt or tip facility that can dump the load, ramps to push goods onto the trailer with the help of trolly, cart or a wheelbarrow. You would want to choose a box trailer made of strong steel, which will make it durable and survive harsh weather conditions. You should also ensure that it is welded to reinforce the joints for better durability.

To conclude:

The box trailer, suitable for your use, should have the features mentioned above for better performance. This will give you added ease while towing and transferring your goods conveniently.

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