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Finally, in their final interview with the athletes several weeks after the final competition, researchers reported the overwhelming majority of the players could not remember the win-loss record from the season. He believed coaches should make rules clear and penalties severe because it would make young athletes mentally tough and willing to work hard in not only sports, but also, all aspects of their lives (Warren, 1997). In his eyes accountability helps to create a culture of hard work and commitment. Vince Lombardi believed in hard work and relentless effort and these attributes in his players lead to National Football League (NFL) championships and the respect from his players. This then could lead you to lose potential sales. Nordstrom (JWN) on Tuesday also reported strong sales during its latest quarter and raised its full-year guidance. Once the coach understands the expectations of the parents and players, he/she is better equipped to deal with problems and grievances as they appear from season to season. There really isn’t any better place to build this foundation than adidas. When you pretreat your stained shoes before fully washing, you have a better chance of getting out stains for good. Players are expected to follow the coach’s directions, exhibit good sportsmanship, attend all practices and games and give their best effort in both practice and games

Children who wore shoes from Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour complained about experiencing foot and leg pain a lot more compared to children who wore shoes from other shoe brands such as New Balance, Saucony, or Asics. Also, parents want their children to have an enjoyable athletic experience. Coaches should have parents introduce themselves to the other parents, and conduct the meeting in an orderly and timely manner. Do not make abusive comments to athletes, parents, officials, or coaches of either team (24). The most successful coaches are clear and consistent when communicating and enforcing their rules of parent behavior and often times coaches have parents sign a contract stating they understand and will follow the rules of behavior. They also cited the players’ main sources of stress were being yelled at by coaches, parents, teammates, and fans. In the meeting the head coach should introduce all of his/her assistant coaches, outline their coaching philosophy, team goals, rules, and policies in detail

John Wooden (former UCLA basketball coach) whose approach to coaching style differed from Lombardi’s also believed in hard work and discipline within his program. When selecting or coaching players, Don Shula, the legendary coach of the Miami Dolphins believes, “character is as important as ability” and former Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs also supported this notion by stating, “Look for players with character and ability. This meeting should take place within the first week of selecting the team. Arguably, when “one heartbeat” happens, winning will take care of itself. Parents should provide required uniform and safety equipment (as required) but refrain from emphasizing winning over the process of skill and athlete development. Typically, parents and coaches have the athlete’s best interest in mind, but if the coach-parent dyad contains conflict or animosity, this can negatively affect the athlete. In order to avoid this situation, coaches and parents must have a better understanding of each other’s expectations and ultimately the coach is responsible for communication with athlete’s parents effectively and be proactive in establishing positive relations with their players’ parents

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