Skill Program on Financial Markets

R.K. College of System and Management in association with the Campus of Open Learning (COL), Delhi University’s Keshav Puram Centre, offers a certificate Course in the Skill Program on the Financial Market.

What Financial market is?

An area where the buying and selling of financial assets and securities take place is referred to as a financial market. It distributes scarce resources in the economy of the country. Transferring money between investors and collectors acts as an intermediary between the two.

In a financial market, the stock market enables investors to buy and sell publicly traded company shares. The primary stock market is where new shares of stock are initially offered, while the secondary market is where stock securities are traded.

Admission to Delhi University’s certificate course in Financial Markets is open to all 12th pass-outs and freshers or amateurs who wish to learn and understand the work profiles of arbitrageurs, financial analysts, managers or executives, traders or investors in broking houses, financial institutions, depository houses, and research houses.

The Financial Markets Skill Program is intended to serve as a foundational curriculum for gaining the core skills necessary to pursue a career in the financial markets.

There are various types of Financial Markets such as:

Financial markets are incredibly diverse. Here are a few different financial market types:

  • Stock Market: For businesses trying to raise finance, this is the center. They first register their shares and then sell them in an initial public offering (IPO) on the secondary market to interested investors.
  • Bond Market: It is the market, which enables investors to purchase bonds from businesses to finance their projects. The bonds are a promise of repayment to the businesses or the government that buys them within a set time frame. For a full settlement, the corporations are required to pay both the principal and interest.
  • Forex Market: The foreign exchange (Forex) market help in the exchange of currencies. The exchange rates for all currencies are set using these markets, which are operated by financial institutions.
  • Commodities Market: A commodity market deals with items like gold, oil, wheat, rice, and other commodities. There are over 50 significant commodity markets worldwide.

Certificate course on Financial Market shall be offered on both online and offline modes in 6 months duration.

For information on admissions, contact at +91-9312237583, +91-9310047775, +91-9958880223 between 10am to 5pm IST.

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