From the exotic to the ubiquitous spectacle, Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, has long been a standard in every well stocked online casino, often also being part of Evolution Gaming or NetEnt live dealer games. The game is especially popular among blackjack fans who insist on the same set of rules but with much better chances of winning Beginners learn just as quickly as experts. After all, there are more betting options than in blackjack itself! Here you will find the best online casino baccarat.

The spirit of the era is on the side of the players. Online baccarat is one of the most popular high roller games that newcomers often get lost in. Yes, and how they could not: what is happening in front of them seems unnecessarily complicated at first glance, and is moving and confusing if you do not know the rules. Fortunately, almost all online casinos offer the opportunity to take part in free trial spins and learn about the special intricacies of casino games.

Every second participant can bet either on the banker or on the player, so he decides whether he wants to bet on a better or worse starting position. Suitable for novice casino experts – they can watch the game without leaving the game to learn the main aspects.

If you’re hoping for 21 points in blackjack, the maximum in baccarat is 9. Before the cards are dealt, all players place their bets. The dealer and the active player are then dealt two cards each. All face cards have a value of 0, the ace counts as 1, the rest of the cards have a numerical value. Only the first digit is important: the tens value is automatically removed. If the player has less than 7 points in his hand, he can play the third and decisive card y. The winner reaches 9 or at least gets closer.

Dice games – dice, sic bo and others

This game also has a very ancient origin, perhaps the most. Of course, its online options make it relevant and one of the most popular online casino games. The operation of super sic bo is very simple: the session is divided into two phases: on one, a bet is placed, and on the other, a die is rolled.

Between the two phases, there is a third, the most exciting one, when the bets are closed and the die is still moving, and random multipliers announce the potential increase in winnings.

Jackpot Games – Huge Prize Pool

Have you ever seen scenes where the player is showered with golden tokens for hitting a winning combination?

Here, the online casino jackpot works in much the same way. The jackpot is what we would call the prize pool, i.e. a very large amount available to the player, who thus can claim this final prize. Of course, the jackpot feeds as much as the players’ bets, so the more you play, the richer it will be.

Sic Bo – Dice Updated

Among the new casino games that you will find on the Internet, you should definitely give Sic Bo a try.

There are practically two reasons: it is very easy to play, and it allows you to win with every hit. Perhaps that is why online casinos are planning it more and more often. The special thing about Sic Bo is that it is played with three dice and is completely based on luck, which is why it is often appreciated by roulette players who are looking for the same emotions.

Craps is an interesting variant based on luck

Craps is also based on the principle of Sic Bo, absolute simplicity and trust in chance.

The main difference is that in Craps you play with two six-sided dice, but otherwise everything is very similar: you place a bet, you wait for the outcome of the dice roll. You can decide to fold if you are unlucky and wait for the next spin and a new bet. Of course, in the online version, everything is controlled by software, the safety and integrity of which is guaranteed by the AAMS license.

Texas Hold’em – Classic Classic

Raise your hand if you’ve never played Texas poker. As for its online casino variant, it can be said that it follows the same rules as the famous card game, only with an extra boost. The object of the game is to make the best possible combination of five cards by exchanging the cards you have in your hand with the dealer.

No need to bluff or show your tells, just rely on your intuition and of course your luck. Get ready for a really fun game that is familiar but different from the analogue for adrenaline and excitement.

Casino software

You can’t talk about online casino games without talking about the software that powers them. It is very important that they are all approved by the AAMS (and you can read this in the evidence on online casino sites) so that they do not have functional problems or, even worse, security problems. Popular casinos use only proven software to guarantee all these qualities.

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