Online games are becoming more and more popular. Although, on the one hand, it is convenient for a casino to access the Internet from all over the world, on the other hand, it is difficult to find a suitable place to register. “Correct” refers to the presence of many fraudulent websites and organizations that carry out activities that damage the player’s personal information and result in theft To avoid this, certain instructions must be followed before choosing a gambling arena.

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For the convenience of users, below is a list of points to consider when choosing a casino. Most of the recommendations are taken from the Poland Online Gambling Guide.

  1. License Check: You must first check if the online casino is registered or affiliated with the casino regulator. Some of the most popular casino regulators are in countries such as the UK, USA, Poland, Malta, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Curaçao. This information is usually published at the end of the first page of the site. Reputable casinos offer licensing information to gain the trust of their players.
  2. Check the server address and design. Another point to consider before choosing a casino is the design of the website. If the casino website is outdated and uses a server address that is not named according to the services of its websites, it could be something fishy. Also, if a casino has downloaded all of its providers from the same source under the same name, the probability of the existence of fake providers is 100% positive.
  3. Contact address and communication: in real casinos, contact numbers or email addresses are not avoided. They are open to interact with their players. Their website may also have chatbots to help players navigate the website. There are no hidden facts or information about real casinos. So if you find a casino that looks attractive, but the people who run it don’t want to think about it, think twice before returning your money. Every player should have access to a continuous customer support portal.
  4. Examine the logo: Before converting the casino into a website to play on the website, carefully examine the seal or logo on the website. If there are discrepancies from one page to another, it is most likely a scam.
  5. Think About Payment Methods and Terms: Yes, it is very important that you check the payment methods on your website before making money online. As long as the casino is a properly registered website, it should have no problem partnering with VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL and other reliable money transfer sources. If you notice lesser known or relatively unknown payment methods, be careful, you may be scammed. Legitimate casinos must have a reliable online transaction method.
  6. Introductory and Bonus Offers: This is a really important idea to think about. Real casinos know more about giving back to their players than just taking money. Many casinos offer their players welcome bonuses and special cash prizes. So if you end up at a casino that doesn’t offer bonuses or prizes but simply charges a registration fee, think twice before signing up with a website.
  7. Game Selection: A good casino website should offer a wide range of online games. Before investing in an online casino, review the list of games on offer. Good casinos offer games from well-known gaming providers such as Novomatic and Microgaming.
  8. Read Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from existing players in the gaming community before choosing a seat. Check out social media platforms that discuss things like finding a casino. These include non-payment of prizes won by existing players, lack of a proper random number generator, unethical player behavior, and use of unstable software. Keep reading until you are satisfied with the performance of the casino where you are going to play as a player.
  9. Presence on multiple digital platforms: Well-established casinos are multiple platforms, for example if they have a mobile app next to the website.
  10. Withdrawal fees: In the case of quality casinos, when withdrawing payments from customers’ accounts, they must take huge amounts as a refund. They facilitate the transaction so that their customer loyalty increases along with their website.
  11. Availability of Funds: Interestingly, low-quality or reputable casinos always run out of money when paying out or deducting their customers. So keep that in mind when considering Possibility to place bets in the casino.
  12. Information Requested: If the Games website asks for information other than your name, address, date of birth and phone number, please be careful not to provide additional information without verifying the authenticity of the website.
  13. Spamming / Over-advertising: Real casinos never do too many ads. They never make false promises or offer benefits that make no sense to pay for.


With the above in mind, you need to make things easier when choosing a casino. Almost every aspect of the definition of a casino and what separates a good casino from a bad one is covered. As the spread of online gambling grows, it is essential that real casinos keep their players’ confidential information safe and private.

If the casino does not respect the graphics and quality of the website, does not offer sufficient incentives, and freezes the player’s account during withdrawals, it is a fake casino. Since casinos are responsible for upholding fair practices, players should also play their part and do some research on the best practices of legal casinos and their certifications.

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