Small Doses of Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol can be Beneficial for Your Health!

The term ethanol was first introduced during the year 1892 when the two terms used in the chemistry field like ethanol and ol are merged together. Ethanol is also called as the ethyl alcohol and it comes in different forms. However, food grade ethyl alcohol is what considered as the safest one on the use. Ethanol is alcohol but not every alcohol is ethanol. So, this you must keep in mind. The use of the highest proof ethyl alcohol can be used at different industries and for different applications these days. There is a wide range of applications for which this type of ethyl alcohol is used. However, the prime use of the food grade ethyl alcohol can be seen when it comes to the production of tinctures and essential oils. In order to make the extractions from different plants and herbs and to keep them pure, this type of ethanol is used.

If you are looking for the highest proof ethyl alcohol, then you must shop for this at Extractohol. It’s the online store that supplies 200 proof ethyl alcohol which is also known as the food grade ethyl alcohol. If you are trying to make herbal extractions, essential oils, tinctures and concentrates, then this ethanol is what you need for sure. In the market, you can also find several other suppliers for ethanol. But this online store brings only the pure grade ethyl alcohol for you in affordable price. While using it you can get pure extractions, concentrates and essential oils. This is the non de natured ethyl alcohol and that means it has no toxins. It’s very pure and its purity is what making this safe for human consumption.

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For the extraction of essential oils, herbal oils, culinary extracts and tinctures, you always need maximum extraction ability or power. And this highest proof ethyl alcohol is going to do the same for you. It brings a wide range of benefits on the use. This type of ethyl alcohol is also used in the medical sector, communities and scientific studies to sterilize the surfaces as well as equipments.

The highest proof ethyl alcohol you are going to get now comes with the zero displacement ability when you pour it on the herbs. This is because of its purity. Due to this reason, this food grade ethyl alcohol is also considered as the best choice when it comes to the making of tinctures, essential oils, concentrates, herbal oils, aroma therapy oils, as well as culinary extracts.

For a wide range of applications, the food grade ethyl alcohol can be used. It is specifically used to make the cannabis and hemp extracts. In order to make the topical and botanical tinctures, this type of ethyl alcohol has always remained as the first choice. It is also used to make the mushroom tinctures and also used as the flavor extract. For chaga decoctions it is the first choice. Even small doses of the food grade ethyl alcohol can bring great health benefits and it is being used for this purpose last so many years.

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