Small Laundry Design Tips

A well-maintained kitchen and laundries speak volumes of home residents. Some say that the kitchens are the heart of a sweet home, and laundries are the kidneys.

It was a history when washing machines and laundry appliances were kept hidden in corners. New bathroom concepts help create a laundry where you will like to spend more of your quality time.

Laundry renovations at Adelaide, provide beast solutions to use every inch of your space with enough storage, and enough room to move comfortably. The central focus points are:

  • Discussion with the client to understand their needs and concepts
  • Ideas for the maximum usage of floor space and wall space
  • Suggestions to choose colors and wall décor
  • Floor tiling ideas with various colors and textures to choose from
  • Light fixtures and finding the best place to put lights
  • Cabinets for storage with designs and capacity
  • Wall tiles color ideas
  • Installation of plumbing goods with available floor plan

Tips for small laundry designs from Laundry renovations at Adelaide

Go for a more rustic interior: A patterned wall is an excellent idea to make a small laundry room feel larger. An antique rack with copper hardware will give a more mystique look. The inclusion of greenery with woven baskets will add a natural vibe to the overall open space.

Choose Alternate Cabinetry styles: A design with exposed and alternate closed cabinet makes feel space more open. A light-filled laundry room with an added open shelf above the counter adds a more virtual open area.

Use of Wallpaper: Ideas to apply a light-colored wallpaper to the laundry walls is a perfect way to make your space feel open. A stacked machine layout will help in adding up a more open area to your laundry.

Make use of all the available walls: Re-create your laundry area by keeping your essentials organized and maximizing the walls’ usage. Make usage of all possible space by securing a rod to a wall to be used as a small drying rack. The use of more wall hooks is a handy way to use your area wisely.

How to plan to makeover an existing bathroom: In a bathroom, every square inch is valuable as you are already falling short of space. Installing a bath shower at the right place with sinks and towel rails at the positions to be easily reached out, is the key for small laundry space. Ensure proper waterproofing with the help of laundry renovations in Adelaide, to save your precious house from leakages and damping walls.


Laundry is one of the smallest rooms in the house, and probably one of the most used. It was previously not very appreciated and given the most undervalued area, but now things have changed. A well-functional laundry space offers convenience and may prove to be a rest area for some. A well-designed utility area makes it easy to perform day to day household chores.

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