Everyone has the interest to customize everything that they have. From notebooks, pen, to gym bags they all need them customized. Customized gym bags are enough to tell the world that one likes doing fitness while adding some creativity with customizations. This is a great thing that he/she can do so that his/her personality will appear.

If your friends like doing fitness and carry customized bags then you should customize your bag so that you can carry it to your gym and work. For this, you need to buy the Best bag for the gym and work and customize it with any pattern that you want. You can add some images by using spare fabric, loose sequins, and specialized adhesive. The following tips will help you to customize your own gym bag.

  1. Take the extra fabric that you will use to customize your gym bag. After this, place it on a flat working surface. For this, you can use any shape, thickness, and color of fabric for this.
  2. With a fabric pen, draw the desired shape. You can draw the shape of your favorite animal, flower, symbol, or anything else. You can also draw a softball or soccer ball if you like it. 
  3. After this, cut the fabric with the design on it with sharp shears. Hold the cutting design on your gym bag and select the location that you want in order to make sure the size of the design with the bag. 
  4. Now place the cutting design back on the flat working surface and brush it with contact adhesive by using a small brush. You should press the loose sequins that you want to add quickly. Ensure that the sequins stick to the fabric correctly to avoid the overlapping of the sequins. In this case, you can stick to a variety of colors of sequins to create an image on the fabric. Additionally, you can make a black and white border to make it look greater. 
  5. Further, place a sheet of wax paper on the fabric and press the sequins that you have stuck on it. You can put a large, heavy book so that the sequins stick on the fabric strongly. Keep them on this position for about an hour to make sure that the glue is dry. 
  6. Glue the fabric after you apply a layer of contact adhesive and with this, glue the fabric on the gym bag where you want to paste it.
  7. Press it after it sticks to the bag and wipe out the excess of adhesive. After it sticks perfectly, you will get a great customized gym bag.

Bags are very essential to carry all your stuff and it looks great when you carry your items in the customized bag. There are many ways to customize your bag according to your personality. With these tips, you can also customize your CrossFit bag. Buy the Best CrossFit gym bag and make it look great with simple customizations. Customized bags are highly practical and suitable for both the gym and the office.

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