Smart Home Technology: A Boon for the Elderly and Disabled People

The rapid evolution of technology has transformed the way people live their lives making it easier and smooth to handle certain tasks. Devices and technology that we used to see in science fiction movies have now become a reality and are proving beneficial for the people across the globe. Talking about transforming technology, Smart technology is one such excellent example that is paving way for a comfortable, cosy, and smoother lifestyle especially for the elderly and people with disabilities. In their daily life, they must overcome several physical and social obstacles and assistive technology which broadens to smart technology has made it easier for them to perform day to day tasks.

Smart technology has not only developed individual smart items such as wheelchairs, hearing aids but also built smart homes where several home appliances are connected over the network and can be accessed through a single mobile application. For example, for elderly people who suffer from dementia, smart homes are offering crucial assistance in taking care of mundane things such as assisting them to determine who should enter their homes based on facial recognition security cameras. Another smart home invention coming to the aid of the elderly is the motion sensors. These motion sensors can be connected to the lights of their home, which switch on and off automatically by detecting the motion. This way, they don’t have to walk in dark or remember to operate the lights constantly. Not just lights and doors, complicated systems such as the thermostats are also a part of smart home technology to maintain the temperature at home. So, if you are looking for innovative solutions for your elderly parents, turn to smart home technology at OZ Smart Things.

OZ Smart Things is a leading company and online store based in Australia that provides a wide range of smart home technology products. Whether you are looking for smart doors, blinds, or lights, the store has got you covered. Being an expert at home automation (AUTOMAÇÃO RESIDENCIAL), OZ Smart Things has got the highest quality of smart home products from major brands such as Fibaro, Philips, Aeotec, and others. The company also provides you with professional help to install these home automation systems and convert your average home into a smart home. Apart from home automation devices, the company also provides GPS trackers, security systems, and accessories.

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OZ Smart Things is a prominent Australian company providing a range of smart devices from brands such as Z-wave.

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