Smoking vs. Erectile Dysfunction – What Are the Risks

Smoking is one of the strongest causes of erectile dysfunction in males. It has been proved by medical experts that a male with heavy smoking habit has greater chance of getting erectile dysfunction than a male with less smoking habit. In fact, the more you smoke, more chances of erectile dysfunction you have.

Erectile dysfunction at the micro biological level is reduction in blood flow towards the sexual organ. The smoking increases difficulties in the path of free flow of blood towards the sexual organ. Traditionally smoking is responsible for coronary artery diseases and lung cancer. But now the evidence is overwhelming that it also leads to erectile dysfunction. Though, the use of 40mg Tadalafil will cure erectile issue for a short period. The permanent cure is stopping smoking.

Smoking behind erectile dysfunction

Medically it has been proved that smoking affects the nitrate oxide signal transmission pathway. You directly hit at the erection process when you smoke. You damage nerve supplying blood in the body. You damage the heart and create obstacles in the path of blood flow.

Erection takes place when a man is sexually excited. The central nervous system is triggered by a brain signal. The nervous system releases the nitrate oxide which relaxes the blood vessels. The relaxed and dilated blood vessels fill the spongy tissue of the penis. The penis is filled with blood and gets ready for an erection. The final erection takes place when man wants sex and is sexually stimulated.

Anything that disturbs the process creates a condition for erectile dysfunction. Smoking affects this process in more than one way. First it creates the formation of plaque that block the blood supply in blood vessels.

Smoking also damages the process that creates nitrate oxide. It is the burned tobacco, the smoke of burned tobacco that is at the root cause. The free nitrate oxide is decreased in smooth muscles of the penis of the heavy smoker. The fact remains that a heavy smoker is pulling the erectile issue towards him every time he smokes.

Smoking damages the blood vessels

One of the harmful effects of the smoking is that blood vessels get damaged over the years. Blood vessels loss their elasticity due to heavy smoking. With it they lose the ability to dilate and relax for letting blood flow through them. The end result is reduction in the blood flow in the penis.

Besides directly affecting the blood flow, smoking also increases the risk of heart disease and lung function. Both these vital organs play an important role in the erection process. The healthy heart pushes the blood flow towards the sexual organ. The decrease in lung capacity leads to less stamina for sexual intercourse.

Total effect of smoking is negative for sexual health of a male. You should either decrease it gradually or stop it totally.

Erectile dysfunction due to smoking is reversible

In younger males and in mid aged males, the erection issue is totally reversible, if the issue is only on the basis of smoking. Cutting on smoking or reducing it can help the male to stop erection issues. The male who likes to have smoking with the sex can use 60 mg Vardenafil, as this medicine is considered safe when used with little smoking.

Smoking is a lifestyle issue

Smoking is one of the lifestyle issues that are part of the health issues for younger males. It must be noted that using medicines like Cialis 5mg or any other erectile dysfunction drug will only overcome the erection issue for shorter duration. The longer duration cure is curbing smoking.

If the damage caused by smoking is not yet serious, you not only can reverse the erection issue, but also stop the further damage to the vital body organ. Without use of medicines you can get normal erection. Dependence on erectile dysfunction drugs like 20 mg Vidalista without efforts to curb smoking will only increase erectile dysfunction. You may need more and more powerful ED drugs.

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