Snacks That Every Aussie Will Cherish Forever


Even if we may all be different from one another, we can all agree on one thing at least: we all enjoy munching. Snacks are a crucial component of life, whether you’re more of a candy bar type or want something savory. Otherwise, how else would you survive the exhausting workday? And while not all snacks are necessarily the healthiest and tastiest options available, many of them are literally so good. Having said that, you should stay away from some of the disgusting treats that line our store shelves. You can eat some of the healthiest snacks without feeling bad because of what we are about to tell you.

The crunchy, crispy, and tasty Rosemary Bains Chickpea Chips, salt, and vinegar can be kept for up to a month. These chips are typically deep-fried in only pure oil to preserve a crusty and crisp texture. And it appears that Pringles are the best option if you want a less greasy chip. They give you way more crunch than other chips, and since they are so thin and brittle, they are readily broken. Chickpea chips have more crunch since they are cut thicker than other chips. They occasionally have these gorgeous natural folds as well, which adds even more crunch.  And it’s obvious why Bains chips will always win our hearts when you consider how well-salted they are.

The other savory snack that you can have is Chickpea Chips with smokey barbecue & tomato from Bains. You’ll undoubtedly want more once you smell the spices drifting out of the packet. Chickpeas are a wonderful source of protein and fiber, and when they get a hint of smokey barbecue and tomato, they add a pleasant crunch. They taste fantastic when paired with any fun beverage. Even a cup of tea should be paired with it for the ultimate experience. These delicious chips are perfectly slow-cooked to preserve goodness.  It tastes best with anything and everything. So don’t forget to grab a bowl of this savory snack.

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