Snapchat Filters: How to Slow Down, Speed up or Reverse Videos

The filters introduced in Snapchat can do multiple tasks such as speeding up, slowing down, or reversing the videos. Here is how you can do it and what you should know about it.

Snapchat is well known for its unique messaging service and many of its filters used in smartphone applications. These unique filters can massively change the appearance of the videos by slowing down, reversing, and speeding up these before you share them. These filters, also known as Speed Modifiers, are not only used by regular users all across the world but also are highly appreciated. The users of Snapchat use these filters to enhance the quality of their videos and improve their casual chats and stories.

Many users have several complaints regarding the limited features offered by Snapchat. Also, the users are not happy with the platform’s service promotion strategies, which are quite forceful. But, still, there are several avenues provided by the platform which are used mainly by the people to make their conversation interactive and exciting. Such avenues are available on the platform in the form of streaks, world lenses, face lenses, and filters. The multimedia app can be used by the people to establish only one-on-one and a direct connection between two users. This is quite contrary to other social media services such as Twitter and Facebook, which are used by people all across the world to connect with several people and to share their opinions. Also, Snapchat recognized the needs of the young, and teens prefer spicy, fast, and eye arresting features.

The Speed Modifier filters of Snapchat are not only self-explanatory but also change the content in a great way. For instance, the Reverse option will play the video at the usual speed, but it will play it reversely. The feature of Slow Down can be used to focus on even the smallest details by reducing the speed. Similarly,  the option used in Snapchat called Speed-up can increase your videos’ speed for creating fast content based on action and adventure. These filters are easy to find and can be used to produce videos of all kinds, whether fun or exciting.

Ways to Add Snapchat Speed Modifier Filters to Videos

It is effortless to add these filters to your videos, and all you need is first to shoot a video. After you are finished shooting the videos, please go through the available modifier filters, and swipe them through them to select the desired one. Then click on the menu appearing in the form of three dots after loading the video at the multimedia messaging platform if you want to find the Speed Modifier filters. After then, you will be required to click on “edit snap” and select it. When you choose the given option, it will launch the interface’s other part allowing the users to swipe through the various available filters.

The users can identify the three filters through three icons looking distinct in their appearances. The reverse filter will appear in the icon of rewind, whereas the filter of Speed up will appear in the icon of scampering rabbit. Similarly, the slow down filter will appear in the icon of the snail. Once the users select the filters to want to add to their video, then they will need to send it to them or set up their story on Snapchat.

The way of communication among people all across the world is going through restructuring. It can be observed that many people are drifting away from the traditional communication channels such as emails and phone calls, along with sharing videos and images through the internet. At such time, Snapchat is playing a bigger role in facilitating smooth and exciting communication between the people. The messaging platform is well suited for the needs of young people who have a large social network but are not interested in going online through other social media platforms. These filters are serving in a great way for the people interested in building one to one connections without spending too much time on phone calls.


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