Snowpiercer Season 2: All That You Can Expect

show and dislike spoilers, look away. Snowpiercer is a member of post-apocalypse genre merged with science fiction. This TNT series made its debut in May 2020 and ran a successful sprint of 10 episodes in the first season that wrapped up in July this year. With a cast composed of gems like Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill and Daveed Diggs as Andre Layton, the first season’s story bore no resemblance to the 2013 directorial venture of Bong Joon Ho, a film by the same name.

Season one of the show made our acquaintance with a plethora of captivating characters who are the only remaining members of the human race. An environmental holocaust eradicated all other people, and these remaining ones are living on a 1,001-car-long Great Ark Train. Depicting a scenario seven years after the holocaust, where all world has frozen over, Layton, the train’s detective is informed of murder on board. The detective was pulled from the tail section of the train, which is reserved for all lower-income people. The murder mystery led to a shocking revelation that Melanie was pretending to be the train’s messiah figure named Mr Wilford. Wilford was never on the train, to begin with. Layton saw it as a brilliant opportunity to free all prisoners on the train.

He does it to save them from the cruelty they face owing to the class system that prevailed even after all that destruction. This system was put in place by Melanie to ‘govern’ the train well. The show progresses into a gory and expensive revolt by the lower sections, Layton and Melanie team up and support them against their mutual enemies. And when the entire train is facing this sudden upheaval of power, there emerges another passenger train that harbours Mr Wilford. The show is summarized with a severe cliffhanger and the season two is supposed to answer many questions that season one raised. The season two was to conclude production by May 2020, but the current pandemic halted everything midway. Leena Hall, the lead actress in the show, said that the last two episodes of the show are yet to be shot and hence they cannot predict when the show will resume its shooting and subsequently, air it. The producers have estimated that season two may be pushed to summer of next year.

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