So herein lies my issue with World of Warcraft Classic

A WoW Classic levelling guide can be useful if you’re coming from modern World of Warcraft, where zone scaling and quality of life improvements make for a more linear experience. And, while we’d encourage you to take your time and enjoy the levelling experience, we’ve put together a list which will hopefully make your WoW Classic levelling journey through Azeroth a little easier.

For vanilla WoW players, jumping back into World of Warcraft Classic is all about recreating what they see as the core WoW experience: grindy, consuming, and difficult, rather than what they see as the watered-down version we have today. Because you can’t scrub your memory and experience the vanilla zones again for the first time, all World of Warcraft Classic can do is remind me of my miserable existence grinding a single level twelve hours each day just to join my friends in wiping to more meaningful content.


So herein lies my issue with World of Warcraft Classic. It’s a relic of bygone times. A game I cherish and remember not only for taking me on wild adventures around some truly gorgeous and inspiring fantasy worlds, but for sapping untold hours of my life in rudimentary, unnecessary ways. For a number of us – though certainly not all of us – WoW Classic is close to peak World of Warcraft. There will always be fans of every iteration of World of Warcraft, but it certainly seems like a large number of people say that WoW was at its best either during vanilla or The Burning Crusade, World of Warcraft’s first expansion.

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