So that you guys could perform a memorial thread one day

So that you guys could perform a memorial thread one day a week, a fashionista thread another day a week, a’look what I got’ afternoon, and New Horizons Items an edited screenshot day. Usually bots/auto-moderators can be set up to perform so automatically if a mod doesn’t want to do it themselves.

This way the most contentious articles: memorials, generic outfit spam,’check out this villager/item I got’, and edited screenshots are all relegated to their own space where people who want to view them can, while the most important subreddit focuses on other things. Keeping the threads on a cycle and removing/posting/stickying new ones will ensure they stay clean and people continue to use them.

If folks are time-traveling into an event which hasn’t released then yes there should be spoiler tags. The best instance of this was the Halloween update when people kept posting screenshots of the carriage they time traveled to get. Like I’m fine with seeing someone post rabbit afternoon screenshots at this time, because that event already released this past year so we know what the things are. However, should they include, IDK, an arbor day event with fresh things that people TT to, I’d like if they spoiler mark their articles so I can decide whether I wish to view the content or not.

It really comes down to choice. Some folks do want to see spoilersothers do not. Provided that people are able to choose whether they wish to see it, I do not think there’ll be any issues.

Thank you for the feedback. The major thing with megathreads is we’ve already got two operating in a time (just two stickies is that the limitation on Reddit): Straightforward codes and questions. Those are two things that bring a whole lot of clutter, and there’s a max of two sticky slots. During the summertime something else is accepting that slot machine, the questions or code thread for example, would not be visible and it’d get very little usage.

A directory thread could work, but honestly, in my opinion with a huge collection of megathreads is a bit messy/unintuitive.

Another matter with megathreads that rely on Animal Crossing Items For Sale pictures, there’s no way to comment images at this time, so the user would have to upload the images offsite themselves and place it. Which may be a huge hassle.

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