Socks Wings: The Funky Sock Line for Kids Who Love to Fly


Socks Wings are funky childrens socks for kids who love to fly. Unlike regular boring socks, Socks Wings are colorful and bold, just like the imagination of children everywhere. Designed with an elastic band at the top that allows kids to pretend they have wings, these fun socks make every day an adventure! And if your kids love unicorn, they’ll love their matching wing socks too!

Carefully curated designs

Sunset Socks is a line of funky socks designed for kids. Each pair of Sunset Socks contains soft, breathable cotton, has reinforced toes and heels, fits comfortably on little feet and has reinforced soles. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns that are sure to please any kid who loves airplanes, helicopters or other flying machines. Plus, they have been carefully curated with your child’s safety in mind—no dangerous dyes or chemicals have been used in their production.

Novelty Patterns

Have you ever wanted a sock that looks like a unicorn? Well, now you can have socks with your favorite cartoon character or animal! Novelty socks are colorful and funky. When it comes to cool kids’ socks, these kickers know how to bring home the fun! These unique designs are sure not only to be great conversation starters, but will also keep your little one’s feet warm in style. Perfect for school and play time!


A pair of quality socks should be soft. A pair of socks that’s scratchy or uncomfortable isn’t going to be worn, and it will most likely get thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. Buy socks from well-known brands (Luxury Laces is a good option) and pay attention to reviews when you’re looking for other options. To test sock softness, run your hand across them. If they feel rough, go with another pair.

Quality Materials

Most socks sold today are made of synthetic materials. That makes them great for keeping feet warm, but it also means they don’t absorb sweat very well. It gets stinky in there! This can leave your little one feeling hot and uncomfortable with sweaty toes and unpleasant foot odor. Not ideal when you’re trying to have fun out on an adventure! Footwear that keeps kids cool and dry is essential for preventing these kinds of problems before they happen.


This is a must-have feature of any sock, especially if you want to play sports. Stretchiness allows you to use your natural ankle movement and keep your socks from bunching up around your feet. A lot of athletic brands offer stretchy varieties that fit well and don’t fall down, which makes them perfect for playing just about any sport or exercising.

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