Soft Pastels – The new talk of the town!

Color trends are a weird thing to follow because people have different personal preferences and some people are not that comfortable experimenting with them. However, we have a new trend for you to follow and we know you will love it no matter how young or old you are. Soft pastels are the new talk of the town due to a number of reasons, first, one being how they are age-appropriate for literally everyone. Even if you are a young teenager or an elderly woman, you will rock them in the best way.

The popular brands that have a good fan following like Khaadi are never reluctant to induce new trends in their prints but not everyone does this gracefully. When it comes to soft pastels, th0ey are not only perfect for casual wear but also for formal events like weddings and engagements, etc. We take a better insight into both these trends in this blog.

Soft pastel looks for casual wear:


Most of the casual wear looks include plain dresses with self prints or a little pattern made within the fabric. Net and cotton have taken over the world of soft pastels gracefully. From pinks to greens and blues almost all colors look amazing with a pastel hint to it. If you are looking forward to updating your wardrobe any time soon we would surely recommend these amazing new color trends for you.

When we talk about older women especially age 45 and above, they already are in love with light colors. They would happily accept pastels but the ones with little brightness. The reason being that brightness is always associated with youth so as you grow old, wearing little dull clothes can add to your elegance and grace. The cargo trousers womens like to wear these days are also in duller colors as compared to the shits.

Soft pastel looks for formal wear:

Literally, every walima event happening these days has somehow naturally adopted soft pastels as a theme. No matter it’s a bride or just a bride’s made you’ll see everyone picking out lighter colors especially for walima events. Some of the most amazing colors to choose from are pinks and blues. Greens are now being opted frequently too but somehow soft pastel pink still maintains its position as the topmost priority

Surprisingly, most of the pastel-colored dresses are paired with silver color to give them a classy formal look. Gold changes the aura of pastel craze all together and hence it should be limited to brighter colors for a differentiated feel.

In a nutshell:

If you are also on a hunt for the perfect dress to wear on a  wedding or update your wardrobe for the upcoming season, you need to adopt this new trend as soon as you can. Go for less complicated looks because the simpler the better especially in the current state of the fashion industry. Never let your fear of trying on new things keep you from having all the best experiences of life, and pastel shades are surely one of them.

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