Solar Energy Guide: 6 Popular Questions Answered


Customers and businesses these days are mindful of conventional energy sources such as coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas putting a dent on environmental health. As a result, people have been turning towards renewable energy including wind, tidal, and solar for a safe and sustainable future. Solar energy, in particular, has been garnering more attention and demand almost everywhere.

Homes and offices are switching to solar energy by installing high quality solar panels in Sydney. If you are more curious to learn about solar power, here are some popular questions answered by the experts.

What is a Photovoltaic Solar System?

Photovoltaic solar energy systems include a set of cells that has the ability to transform sunlight into electricity. These cells are manufactured using semiconductor materials such as silicon. Unlike traditional energy systems, PV cells are silent and non-polluting when producing electricity.

What are the Components of a Photovoltaic System?

A photovoltaic system connected to the grid includes the following:

-The modules that are responsible in converting sunlight into electricity.

-An inverter that converts direct current into alternating current.

-Sub-construction that includes cabling and other safety components.

-A meter to measure the amount of electric power supplied to the grid.

Solar energy systems that are not connected to a grid include:

-Charge controllers in place of inverters

-Solar battery that stores excess energy produced by the cells

How Does a Solar Energy System Work?

Solar energy systems work with the power of PV technology. ‘Photo’ refers to light, and ‘Voltaic’ refers to volt. The photons from sun rays excites the electrons present in the silicon cells, and as a result, it produces electricity.

1.The solar panels in Sydney convert the receiving sunlight into electricity during daytime.

2.The PV modules will transfer this Direct Current (DC) to an inverter.

3.The inverter converts DC to Alternating Current (AC), which can then be utilised by homes and businesses.

Are Thermal Solar Energy & Photovoltaic Solar Energy the Same?

No. Photovoltaic solar energy system is used to convert sunlight into electricity, which is used to power your appliances, lighting systems, and others. However, a thermal solar energy system uses sunlight to generate heat. This is used for other applications such as solar water heating, space heating, and more.

How Long Does a Solar Energy System Last?

The average life of a PV module is 30 years. These high-performance systems can function with minimal maintenance, making it a reliable energy source in the long term. A high quality solar panel in Sydney works perfectly and produces more energy even beyond 25 years.

Is Solar Energy Expensive?

If anything, the advancements in technology has been bringing down the costs of solar energy systems with each passing year. Regardless of the initial costs, solar energy will be far more inexpensive than conventional energy in the long run.

Talk to the expert Sydney solar panel installers to get more details on solar power systems and get ready to embrace a greener future.

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