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Pure, Natural Daylight with Solatube Skylights
Harnessing the sun’s natural light has never been so simple. Solatube Skylights are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and deliver them into your home. From early morning to sunset, you’ll get brighter, more colourful rooms.
Transforming dark rooms into beautiful, naturally lit areas is what Solatube Skylights are designed for. Being leaders of the industry for over 25 years globally has allowed us to capture, transfer and deliver outstanding daylight results in Australian homes.

How Solatube Skylights Work
Solatube daylighting technology is the smart way to capture daylight, light up any living space and save on energy costs whilst blocking out UV rays and heat.
Solatube Daylighting Systems are designed to provide superior performance through breakthrough optical technology with advanced designs and the highest quality materials to deliver and abundance of pure, clear natural light. Unlike the majority of skylights products, Solatube Daylighting Systems offer maximum light performance with minimal solar heat gain.
Whatever type of building you are designing, new or existing, residential or commercial, Solatube Daylighting Systems offer modular components to meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of your space.
Daylighting Systems Designed with Passive Technology
Solatube has spent the last 20 years perfecting technology to ensure Solatube Daylighting Systems perform better than other tubular daylighting device on the market.
The patented Raybender® Technology works optimally from any solar angle. As a result, it controls sunlight more effectively than systems with active sun tracking technology. Similarly, the Spectralight Infinity Tubing has has no moving parts and yet it transfers daylight more efficiently and delivers better colour rendition than active systems due to the nature of its composition.
From this technology you’ll benefit from cost-efficient, high-performing commercial daylighting solutions harvesting the optimal amount of high-quality natural light with virtually no commissioning or maintenance.
We offer a large selection of components, allowing customization to meet the specific lighting needs, roof conditions, and aesthetics of any space. Solatube Daylighting Systems offer the highest Light Transfer Efficiency (LTE), the most consistent Colour Temperature Maintenance (CTM), and the best light to solar heat gain ratio of any daylighting system on the market. Our third party photometry and extensive product testing offers the designer and end user peace of mind and ensures a reliable and consistent daylighting experience.
Why Roof Ventilation?
Roof ventilation is not just important during Summer. The circulation of hot and cold air from your roof space encourages a healthier environment by removing moisture as well as heat. It’s this imbalance between the two that can cause structural damage to roof trusses, the growth of mould, and sees the increase in the volume of insects.
Active roof ventilation will continually circulate the air in your roof space, both hot and cold. This exchange of fresh outside air will help maintain an ambient temperature without the risk of creating damaging conditions. This can also have a dramatic effect on your air conditioning system throughout Summer as air that is too hot in the roof space takes longer to be cooled by your existing system.
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