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According to the reporter news, he was allergic to the tobacco on the road to Detroit. Yesterday, Peterson explained in his own twitter: “I have to come out, I am a shrimp allergy, not tobacco allergy.”

Fitz Patrick led the pirate 15-10 in the game competition, and he won 187 yards 1 time in the game. The original first quartz Wei Jie Misis Winston has not entered the list of appearances due to shoulder injury.

Fitzgerald’s performance is far from good, and he has a pass in the game being copied. The second pass is called by the opponent foul, but he can lead the team when needed. . This is enough for the bad pirates.

Although the Bryant’s new show is only 1.97 yards, the best record is only 2.13 yards in the 2012 season (605 route running), but the top ten games this season, Bryant This data is increased to 2.52 yards (315 route running)

In the preseason held on Saturday, this bear team took hands with the exquisite step to play the emirate talendo – Ski Dellando Scandrick, complete 29 yards to catch up. The connection with the substitute four-point guards Daniels is also his career for the first time.

John Harbaugh – Hubble (John Harbaugh) said: “He moved in full speed, entered the scope, and always looked at the opponent. Because the big book is moving, his hand is impossible to carry a higher, he is not The method pends to the side. If he is forcibly bowing, it will be missing to hug and even hurt himself. “Opton said he would appeal, this fines almost fined him at this game. One-third of the salary.

White completed 2 battles in this game, pushed 33 yards and a reach. But he is not the only bright player. Seven-round Shi Zhe Feng-Wems (Javon WIMS) completes 54 yards, 44 yards, and a gorgeous 7-yard foot pointer to catch up.

Braddy always believes that White is worth a gift that belongs to himself. The prior to Braddy said he would send a superb bowl of car reward to White, but unfortunately, this prize did not have it from last year.

“Each route running ball number” (number of ball number / route running) This data is an important ruler that measures the external skills, cheap Nfl jerseys which can reflect the contribution of each offered each gear offense from the details. Generally, each route running on top outer junction runs at 2.54 yards, and 97.5% of the external connections are not this level. The number of route runs of the top outer junction should exceed 600, and 95% of the external connections will not be reached.

The union of the nickname “Wei Zhenti” has a leader of the leader of Kylend Johnson in his first four seasons. It is only 1.97 yards, but it has skyrocketed in the fifth season. To 2.59 yards (731 route running). Johnson’s contract is likely to be a template that Brines as a renewal contract. Of course, he can guarantee that his state continues.

The crow line is greatly fined because of the collision.
In the last Thursday night, the Baltimore Crow is at home to visit the enemy Pittsburgh steel man. In the competition, Crow outside Kakoti-Erp, crumbs were punished by Ben Roethlisberger, but the crow claimed that this is a reasonable collision. After the game, Ox is a fine of $ 165,37 because this collision is fined $ 16537.

The Bear Tournament is greatly reinvised by the external group this year, signed Alen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel from the free market, in the second round of Anthony Miller. This also let White have dropped repeatedly in the depth lineup, and now it is a key period for him to win the position of the last time and the big list.

Does Dez – Bryant worth the top level new contract
Last Thought of Dallas denim enters the wheel, no game. During this time, the news of the cowboy is almost all taken by Dez Bryant. Can Bryant, which will enter the contract, can continue to stay in cowboy, and how big the denim will provide more contracts. The focus of people paying attention. Bryant said to the media he hopes that the cowboy can give him a big contract that meets the top player level, because he is now in his own peak.

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