SOLIS Has An Accomplished And Skilled Workforce Of Over 5,500 Employees

SOLIS has an accomplished and skilled workforce of over 5,500 employees that committedly work towards creating the best-in-class products for the global farming community. Our R&D team is constantly working towards technology upgrade to cater to the growing demands of tractor buyers. Moreover, at ITL, we have an in-house high-tech training center to impart knowledge and train our employees, business partners and customers about product specifications, maintenance and optimum utilization. A huge step in the brand’s success would be its partnership with global pioneers like Yanmar (Japan).

Over the years, SOLIS has participated in a number of international agriculture technology exhibitions as well as local demonstrations held across the world, capturing the attention of visitors including dealers and farmers. This has also resulted in increased reach and the brand’s entry into some of the biggest markets in a number of countries. In the process, SOLIS has now opened Spare Parts Distribution Centre in Germany, making its product range as well as services easily accessible across the continent.

Our huge customer base is testimonial to our brand equity as well as the fact that the brand is trusted and preferred all around the globe. With its value for money products and customer-friendly services across the world, ITL also makes it a point to maintain global standards in product manufacturing. Our continued efforts for staying updated with the latest technological advancements and creating an ecosystem that provides solutions for every agricultural requirement, we are steadily moving towards our goal of achieving global excellence in terms of quality and trust. In the process, we are also advancing towards our primary objective of becoming the world’s most favored Tractor Brands manufacturer and agriculture solutions provider brand.


The brand has the world’s Largest Integrated Tractor Manufacturing Plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Providing the best-in-class, customized solutions to farmers across India and 150+ other countries, the plant spans an area of 225,000 sq mtrs. and has a production capacity of producing 300,000 tractors per annum. The fully integrated assembly line has a roll out time of 2 minutes per tractor.

The plant is designed in an environment friendly manner and boasts natural light and ventilation, complying with the industrial safety standards. SOLIS employs latest production technologies on this new production line.

With this plant and its sizeable employee strength, SOLIS is growing at a faster pace and has registered a significant growth in its sales in the last year. Moreover, their in-house engines and transmission hydraulics add to its competence and makes the turn-around time much faster. The plant has the capacity of rolling out tractors ranging from 16 HP to 125 HP in a single assembly line. Fully equipped to manufacture components required in making of a tractor, from sheet metal to the whole tractor, with this plant, SOLIS has conquered yet another milestone in the Agri-tech industry.


SOLIS produces same assembly tractors with different colors including Solis Blue and Sonalika Blue besides the color Orange for 90 HP tractors exported to Myanmar.  In collaboration with Japanese farm equipment manufacturer, Yanmar Holdings Co., SOLIS jointly develops tractors in the color Red, manufactured for markets across the world.

What distinguishes the SOLIS tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur from facilities of competition companies is that the latter manufacture parts from outside while the former manufactures 80% of its parts in-house. This feature of SOLIS tractors keeps the prices in control, making them more affordable than the other competitions in the market. Moreover, it enables the company to customize its parts as per market offering and customer demands –adding to more flexibility and convenience for farmers worldwide.


Following is some of the specialties that make the brand stand out.

Powered with innovation and the 100 Years strong Japanese Technology: Solis has partnered with Japan’s renowned Yanmar to develop the best-in-class products that deliver on the everyday farming needs. The partnership is growing exponentially with success, and it has brought a big shift in productivity and yield.


Best in Class Guarantee: All the products go through in-depth checks and verifications meeting global standards, but the brand goes the extra mile to support the customer base, ensuring them of superlative quality.


Spare Parts Supply: The brand hosts a strong network of around 1800 dealers globally, always equipped with spare parts supplies. It goes without saying that Solis, as a tractor brand, never falls short on expectations. The centralized spare parts center in Germany, in association with Yanmar, is a testimony to the same. Built using only the highest quality materials and the most advanced process & technologies, Solis genuine parts are manufactured to deliver high performance and long life. Get a better partner for your tractors that provide superior quality & reliability. You can easily avail of them globally at our Compact Tractors For Sale.


Unwavering Trust and A Proud Legacy: After having sold 1,400,000 tractors globally, from the inception of the brand in 1996, 24 years have proved phenomenal and make any customer proud of their rich belonging. The brand is forever committed to delivering only the supreme quality agriculture tractors.


Thorough Testing and Benchmark Checks: It is a well-known fact that Solis compact tractors always deliver the best performance with longevity and unmatched toughness. The performance results from a series of tests and checks before rolling out the product from the plant.

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