Solution for, “Your account or password is incorrect”, Microsoft

Having messages where we are not allowed to enter to our own account is very disturbing. We don’t have clear memory about what password have we set in our Outlook account. We do try for long remembering all the password which we can remember. In the following process very less user succeed. So let us provide users steps for resetting your Outlook’s password. Follow the procedure step by step.

  • Go to your Outlook and open up Sign in.
  • Next enter the details of your username or email and click
  • Next enter the password if it works, if not then click on the link which says reset now.
  • It takes to a page where a verification code is sent to your mobile number. Enter the code and verify.
  • A link will be sent in which user will have to enter a new password for their account.

By the steps users will be able to solve the issue with Outlooks Forgotten Password. If there are any confusion regarding the process than feel free to call us at 1-855-617-9111.

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