Solutions for digital signage in hotels

Digital signage has become paramount in most businesses’ marketing strategies and nowhere is it more important than in the hospitality industry. Hotels’ digital signage can go very far in terms of improving guest experience and adding value.

Digital signage for hotels can be a way of reinforcing marketing strategies and brand recognition. A few of the uses for digital signage in hotels can go from providing important information to enhancing business meetings experiences and highlighting the hotel’s amenities and available activities.

Here are some ways in which digital signage can be implemented to make a hotel more welcoming for guests.

Virtual concierge service

The first thing guests come into contact with is the lobby. A great way of causing a good and lasting impression is by taking advantage of this space. Hotel lobby digital signage can be useful in a number of ways.

The idea behind having a concierge is that they should be available at any time. Yet, they are only human. So, putting new technologies to work in your favor is a great solution. You can use media players to display important information about hotel stays, check-in and check-out times, breakfast hours, travel information, and wall art: the possibilities are endless.

You can also use screens to provide guests with the choice of expediting the check-in process by doing an automatized check-in. Not only does this reduce waiting times, but it also leaves guests with a great first impression for the remainder of their stay.

In-room signage displays

Another way to enhance the guest experience is to display important information through media players in their own rooms.

Most hotel guests will be grateful to be provided with some basic information. The information displayed could be something very basic, like the weather for the day or traffic information in real-time. Some restaurant recommendations or must-see tourist destinations are also a good idea.

This is a good opportunity to strengthen brand recognition and implement marketing strategies. What could be more memorable than entering your hotel room and finding a personalized message?

Meeting rooms displays

Digital signage can be used to display information in meeting rooms. Placing a screen or media player in or outside meeting rooms can be an easy way of relaying information. Hotels can display information about the event taking place, whether the room is occupied, and meeting schedules.

This makes it easier for guests to find out information about events, itineraries, and descriptions. You could also use them to give personalized greetings for a certain group or to have important information on hand, such as how to access the WiFi.

These are just a few ways in which hotel signage displays can be used to optimize their potential. A little creativity and a solid marketing strategy go a long way in making this resource an incredible asset to improving your guests’ experiences. Digital signage is a great way for hotels to make sure that the guests are aware of the full range of services available.

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