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Don’t let the context get lost in translation. We have domain expertise in law, finance, life sciences and over 50 industries across 11 verticals. We have over 20-year experience in this area. Our interpreters are experts in their industry and keep themselves up-to-date with the current events and trends. Get out interpretation service for conferences, events, meetings and sign language by domain experts. We also provide interpreters in-person for all types of events, meetings, legal proceedings, and for tourism. We work with all kinds of organization which require their documents in multiple languages in different countries with having expertise knowledge of regulatory document translation. If you need your small personal document translation then also we are happy to help you in language translation.

Interpretation Services Include

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is required when you have a big group of different cultures and languages meeting together to attend Education Seminars, Office Meetings, Conferences, and listen to the speaker in their language and you need to interact also. We have both the option to perform interpretation on-site interpretation or off-site interpretation services. CliniApps has a large pool of resources of skilled professional Interpreters to define your meaning in their language.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation is also called face-to-face Interpretation. The interpretation is required when you have one-to-one meetings with a small group where the Interpreter who has the command over culture and language of the group is able to interpret for effective communication. In this Interpretation, the interpreter gets the required time to comprehend the matter appropriately by taking notes and then interpreting.

Medical Interpretation

CliniApps has a expertise team who are specialized in medical interpretation. The medical profession has its own conferences, seminars, and meetings where people from different languages interact and where medical interpretation required and we are available for face to face interpretation as well as for over the phone for medical tourism.

Media Interpretation

Across the globe we can offer you over-the-phone as well as media interpretation services. The interpreter listens to the speaker and interprets the message in the language of the listener. No matter you on skype, Microsoft team, google meet, zoom or any other social platform.

We run all kinds of translation services that vow your success.




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