Solve Complex Equations By Scanning Them in Your Phone

Google Lens is about to roll out a new feature which will assist students in learning Mathematics and topics related to STEM. You can now use the new Homework search mode by scanning the equation that you’re facing difficulty in solving. This feature is now available in the Google Lens app, Google Assistant, and also in Google Photos app through the Google Visual Search functionality. You can also find it in the Socratic education app, which is owned by Google.

The homework helper function will not give you the correct answers to the equations, it would rather help you with the approach to solve these equations by yourself. It will outline the steps that you need to follow for solving the equation and will guide you through the process of getting the right answer. They also provide links to useful online resources for learning the topics that you searched for. For example, if you scan an algebra problem, it will guide you through the steps of solving the problem, and it will also show you links to various articles and YouTube videos that explain algebraic problems.

Using The Google Visual Search

Even though the homework search feature isn’t quite available in the Google Lens app yet, Google has demonstrated how you can use the Lens app for solving equations.

1. Go to the Google Lens App, or Google Assistant or the Google Visual Search option in the Google Photos app

2. You can find the Homework option in the bottom menu. It will be a graduation cap icon.

3. Click a picture of the problem you are facing difficulty with; You can also tap to highlight the exact question that you need help with.

4. A new pop up will appear on the screen which will guide you through the steps to solve the problem, and it will also provide you with a bunch of links to various learning resources (like articles, videos, and the 3D model viewer)

Using the Socratic App

If you don’t want to keep waiting for the new update to the Google lens app, you can use the existing Socratic app to seek help with solving equations.

1. Download the Socratic App if you don’t already have it

2. Open the app and then click a picture of the problem

3. You can tap the specific equation for highlighting it and telling the app that you need help with that particular problem

4. The app will come with steps to solve the given problem along with links to several online study resources.

Google has also worked to create an interactive 3D model platform for over a hundred STEM-related topics. These are excellent visual learning aids for teachers as well as students. All these models can be accessed by using the homework search functionality In the Google Lens app and in the Google Search app for iOS and Android.

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