Some Actionable Ways to Create a Positive Learning Environment for Children

Children are full of positivity and so does they crave positive environment; be it for living or learning. The learning environment is directly related to a child’s accomplishments. A positive and productive learning environment is thus imperative for children’s academic, social and emotional success.

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To create a positive learning environment for children, parents and teachers need to go that extra mile to offer a sense of safety, motivation, appreciation, positive and open interaction, respect and trustworthiness to children. Here are some actionable ways to create a positive learning environment for children so they are nurtured and taught in the right way.

Involve Children in the Process

Children do not tend to learn something until it interests them. One of the ways to make a topic or subject interesting is by getting the children involved in the learning process. Let the children decide what topic should be taught first, what assignments to be done etc. When you will allow them to take ownership of the learning environment, it will attract their attention and increase their engagement level.

Respond With Positivity

Optimism is fundamental to create a positive learning environment. It is imperative to adopt a positive approach by exhibiting positive behaviour, communicating positively and maintaining a positive mindset to create a positive learning environment. One of the key things to bring in positivity is by being patient, no matter what the situation is. Often children emulate what they see and if the educator always delivers an optimistic attitude; the children will automatically apply it in their life.

Motivate them

Motivation is a powerful tool for development. Instead of pointing out the mistakes, an educator should praise the accomplishments of children and encourage them to do better. This will help them to feel good about themselves, ultimately helping in creating a positive learning environment.

Stop Judging

Each child is unique and does not have the same learning abilities. Hence, expecting the same results from everyone is not wise. It is easy to judge a child or label them if they do not meet our expectations, but when you judge a child, they will lose their trust in you. Instead of judging, you should try to find out the reason behind their behaviour and help them overcome it.

Celebrate their Achievements

A little praise goes a long way. When you acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of a child, it helps them feel valued. Take time to celebrate their little accomplishments and efforts in the form of shout-outs, bringing in some chocolates etc. to create a positive environment.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes

When you admit your mistakes, it shows that it is okay to make mistakes to learn. It will help the children to trust you and make you more approachable. Furthermore, it helps to develop a positive and growth mindset.

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