Some Basic Questions That You Should Ask to Infertility Specialist

For several couples who struggle to conceive, going to a fertility clinic is a nightmare. It is distressing to be unable to conceive. The couple is terrified since they don’t know what’s rendering them infertile, and they’re also uninformed of fertility therapies that could help them have a baby. In light of this, the following is a comprehensive list of inquiries a couple may make about a fertility specialist throughout their scheduled encounter and counseling session. Hence, visiting a good infertility clinic in Delhi becomes essential.

What can you ask during your fertility specialist visit?

Visiting an infertility expert in the best infertility clinic in Delhi can be nerve-wracking and inspiring. You may need to learn new medical terminology and diagnostic procedures as you enter a field that uses them. Additionally, you’re talking about various treatment choices like in-vitro fertilization (IVF). In that case, you could also have a realistic discussion about how much it might cost to fulfill your desire to start a family. Look at some below questions to ask an IVF specialist before starting your treatment.

  1. What prevents us from getting pregnant?

The first and most crucial stage is diagnosis. The first step when a couple enters a fertility center entails several blood tests and scans, noting the couple’s health information, looking through primary medical and treatment documents, comprehending the present health status, etc. The female and male partners go through fertility testing, enabling the fertility doctor to determine what is causing infertility.

  1. What fertility procedure should we use?

Every couple has a unique treatment plan for fertility treatment, exceptionally individualized. Regarding fertility treatments, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Depending on the couple’s health, age, activity, and other factors, various therapies are accessible, ranging from basic procedures like ovarian stimulation and IUI to more complex ones like ICSI, IVF prenatal testing, etc. The couple must be aware of the type of treatment that will aid in conception. The couple should be well-informed about the complete treatment plan before beginning.

  1. What are the prices, including any extra or hidden fees for the treatment?

The expenditures for the particular treatment are the most evident charges. Although they are not mentioned, additional medical expenses, routine hormone blood testing, and more scans may quadruple that cost. So that you won’t be as astonished each time you are requested to pay for something, inquire with your IVF specialist doctor in Delhi or the nurses about the highest prices you could anticipate while going through all of this. Infertility’s monetary toll can be debilitating, but it should not be if you set reasonable goals from the start and are ready for what lies ahead.

  1. What is the treatment’s success rate?

The couple should be aware of the success percentage of the treatment before beginning it. The pair should be aware of their chances of becoming pregnant, even if achievement rates vary from couple to couple depending on their age, fitness, and egg and sperm composition, among other factors. Realistic expectations are usually preferable.

  1. Do they provide embryo protection at the IVF treatment center?

During an IVF operation, several embryos may grow, but not all of them can be utilized at once. If this phase fails, the extra embryos can be cryogenically preserved in nitrogen gas in the liquid state. They will be then used in a subsequent attempt to fall pregnant, or they may be utilized for another iced egg donation operation without the inconvenience of ovulation induction. So, it is essential to know if the reproductive center offers treatments for embryo cryonics from the best infertility clinic in Delhi NCR.


Beginning your journey through infertility can be challenging and overwhelming. The first step can be choosing the best IVF clinic in Delhi with specialists with the necessary training and knowledge to address your questions about fertility and describe their substantial proof-based clinical care, offer options, and have realistic results. Selecting the best IVF treatment for you might be assisted by the SCI IVF Hospital. One of our skilled fertility experts, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, is available for a consultation if you want the best possible IVF results.

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