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You may have faced various problems while downloading some essential items on Google Chrome; it could be related to download speed, resuming broken downloads, scheduling downloads, or any other stuff. Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is the best browser, but it has some issues, especially if we talk about its download manager, and no-one can deny it.

We have brought some of the best Chrome Extensions that are way better than Google Chrome’s native download manager; you can use them to improve your downloading speed and get other necessary features. Here we go!


Chrono Download Manager

It is one of the best and most stable download manager Chrome extensions that you can find now. It works very well and doesn’t show any lag. Chrono Download Manager helps you download your files quickly, allows you to resume pending downloads multiple times, supports all kinds of files and it even provides you with an extension filter that you can use to customize the file type for your downloads. And I would recommend that you should give this Chrome extension a try.

Online Download Manager

It is a quite decent Chrome extension that offers a variety of features including a speed booster tool, tools to manage downloads, a filter tool to choose file types for your downloads, and many more fantastic things. You should give this Chrome extension a try to get a better downloading experience.

Turbo Download Manager (v2)

It is another decent Chrome extension that allows you to club all your downloads in a small window. You can use this download manager to push, resume, start your multiple downloads without any connection breakdown. Despite all these, it also offers you a handy search bar, notification tool, and a filter to categorize your downloads. It is a fantastic download manager Chrome extension, and you should try it once.

VLC Video Downloader

You can use the VLC Video Downloader Chrome extension to download media from popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But VLC Video Downloader doesn’t allow you to download videos from YouTube, keep it in mind. It is quite a decent extension, and it works pretty well.

Free Download Manager

You can install this app to download and organize your files easily. Free Download Manager is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac. It works pretty well, and to download files using this app, you just need to click download tools, and the extension will start downloading your files. It supports download acceleration too. It also allows you to start and push downloading, resume broken downloads, schedule your downloading, adjust traffic usage, and much more stuff. It is quite a nice app, and I would recommend you to try this once.


FlareGet is another excellent download manager with extension support. FlareGet allows you to download all kinds of files from the internet and organize them with tags or labels. And it can retrieve broken download files automatically. It supports various protocols and monitors all your copied URLs so that you can download them instantly without any manual input. It provides you with plenty of other features such as scheduling your downloads and proxy server to download files anonymously and many more. Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic download manager Chrome extension, and one should be using it. So, these are some best download manager Chrome extensions that you can try to get an excellent downloading experience. These above-mentioned Chrome extensions will not only enhance your downloading speed but also add some advanced features that will be very useful for you to fix and download broken files and do many more other essential stuff. I hope you liked the article.

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