Some Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Most of the time, we carry our smartphones with us, and it helps us in multiple ways, such as calling, texting, and doing much other fantastic stuff.

We can also use our phones to create and keep information safe in the form of notes. As we can not carry a notebook and pen all the time with us, but what? If we find anything significant in our ways and want to note it down somewhere, it can be difficult. But we can use some excellent note-taking apps to keep all the essential information in one place.

Here is the list of some of the best note-taking applications that you should be using on your Android smartphone.



BlackNote provides you with a bunch of features, including creating a list of notes, organization, widget options, etc. It also allows you to search your notes so that you can find your favorite or important information quickly. You can lock the app and protect it from the reach of others. You can use BlackNote for free with ads, and if you want to remove ads from the app, you will have to pay $2.99.


ColorNote allows you to create and organize your notes easily. You can also change the color of the background of notes, and it also features calendar support, to-do list features, backups for the cloud as well as internal storage. And the best thing is that you can use this application entirely for free.


This application is one of the most popular and powerful note-taking apps that provides you with a bunch of features, including a clean and straightforward interface, support for a variety of notes, and many more. It also allows you to sync your files between all your devices. It is available for free with some limitations, but you can access all the features by purchasing its premium version that will cost you from $7.99 to $14.99 depending on features.


FairNote offers a simple user interface along with material design and a tag system to organize your notes more easily. It is secured with AES-256 encryption. The app is available for free with limited features, although you can unlock all its features by purchasing the app’s premium version that will cost you $0.99. One of the best features that its premium version provides you with is the fingerprint lock option.


FiiNote provides you with a grid background and drawing support, which means you can create notes on this app by typing and drawing. It also allows you to add videos, images, as well as a voice note. It is a decent option to create all kinds of notes, and it is entirely available for free to use.

Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes is one of the most popular note-taking applications. It provides you with a highly functional, straightforward, and colorful user interface. It is integrated with Google Drive that helps you reach your notes online anytime. Despite all these, it also features to-do notes, voice notes, reminders, and much more stuff, and it is available to use entirely for free.


LectureNotes has support for Evernote and OneNote. It also can read PDF files and record audio and videos. It is an excellent tool for a student to create a detailed note, and the app works pretty amazingly. It offers you a free trial; after that, you can purchase the app’s subscription that will cost you $3.89.

Omni Notes

Omni Notes is another excellent note-taking app with a user-friendly interface. It offers you a vertical card layout that helps you keep track of all your notes easily. It provides you with plenty of fantastic features, including DashClock support, sketch-note mode, various widgets, great organization of your notes, ability to merge, sort, and amazing search or discovery tools. It is a pretty decent app, and you can use it entirely for free.

I would recommend you to try a few of the above-mentioned note-taking applications so that you will never miss anything important. I hope you liked the information provided by us in the article.

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