Some Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android and iOS

There are plenty of personal assistant applications out there for Android and iOS that can help you enhance your productivity and save your time. These apps can automate some stuff on your smartphone, such as setting the alarm, searching the answers for any questions, saving reminders, and doing much more stuff.

We have shared a few best personal assistant apps in this article that you can use to get some of your work done automatically. So, let’s get started.


Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence

This is an excellent assistant application that can identify the subject and create multimedia presentations by recognizing the voice, texts, and images. It also allows you to share your answer via SMC or other ways. It has support for many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, etc. You can use this app to manage your diary and save the notes too. It even allows you to set reminders and alarms for your tasks.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular assistant apps available out there. You can use this app to do a variety of tasks such as setting alarms, playing music, setting reminders for special occasions, navigate while driving a car, to make calls, and send texts without even touching your phone. You need to say OK Google and the app will be ready to assist you.

Extreme – Personal Voice Assistant

This is a fantastic assistant app that can help you in various ways including understanding the conversation in English, finding the answers for your questions, sharing posts on Facebook, navigating your way, and a lot more. It is a decent assistant application but only available for Android users.

Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra Virtual Assistant is another fantastic personal assistant app that you can use to play YouTube, listen to jokes, and do much more other stuff without even touching your device. It can even translate words and phrases instantly. The app can find restaurants and directions, set alarms and reminders for you, get the weather forecast, and many more things. It is a great app, but only available for Android. So, if you are an Android user, you should give it a try.

24me Smart Personal Assistant

This is quite a popular app, and it offers you a straightforward user interface that makes it easy to use. You can use 24me Smart Personal Assistant to sync all your calendars, notes, tasks, personal account, etc. This app can also help you set alarms, reminders, save notes, join conference calls, do email tasks, and many more things. Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic app, but only available for iOS.

Haptic Personal Assistant

You can use this app to save your notes, set alarms and reminders, do shopping, and it even can help you book flight tickets at a low price for your domestic travel. It has many more excellent features, and it is only available for the iPhone.

Voice Search Assistant

Voice Search Assistant is an excellent personal assistant app that can turn your Android smartphone into a voice recognizing device. It works very fast and accurately. If you use this app, then you will not be needed to type anything, and this app will do all the typing work for you. Unfortunately, it is not available for iOS, but you can use it on your Android device.

So, these above-mentioned personal assistant applications are some best assistant apps that you can use to enhance your searching and work more accurately. I would recommend you to try a few of the apps we have mentioned in this list. I hope you liked the article. Thank you!

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