Some Important Things To Consider When Installing a Smart Lock

Smart locks offer great security for your home, office, or any place you want to install them. In our previous article, we introduced you to smart locks and their features, you can check them out. In this article, we will discuss some important things to consider while installing a smart lock. Installing smart locks is a smart move. Since locks are the most used thing in our homes, we lock and unlock them daily. Smart locks are excellent alternatives to replace your typical locks.

If you go digital with door locks you will be able to lock and unlock doors smartly with voice commands and remotely via your phone if you forgot to lock them while leaving home.  Apart from this, you can give access to locks to your staff and guests. If you are installing it for your office do not forget to install panic exit devices.

Now, let’s find you the things you can consider to replace old locks with smart locks:

Good Battery Life

The first and most important thing is battery life whether, in mobile phones or any electronic device, the same thing is applicable for door locks too. Estimate the various models and brands that are giving good battery lives to the locks.

Also, look at the features and how much battery life is left and consider emergency power backup so you don’t have to lock yourself out of the home due to a dying battery. Some brands offer standard key cylinders for back-ups like common residential cylindrical locks, and some with solar battery backup.

Create Custom Codes

You cannot control your door remotely whenever someone comes into your house, it isn’t a great way to deal with people while you are not at home. That is why smart door locks have a customer code feature, you can use customer codes and give people access to lock and unlock doors on their own. You can create different codes, some codes for your children and some different codes for your maids.

Custom entry codes are possible for some smart locks. It means you can give your children one code and the gardener or dog walker a different one. Apart from this, you can set specific hours for specific custom codes, like you can set custom codes for your maids who come to your home at a specific time like 1 o’clock to 2 o clock. After the specific time, the custom codes will be inactive.


Think of the features that have security alerts like notifying you when someone tries to break the door or the door is left open for a long time.

Some models offer features that automatically change to ultra-sensitive mode after the first alarm has tinged due to tampering. The alarm can last for a few seconds to a few minutes or with an auto-off feature that you can enable.

Hands-Free Access

You are free from manually locking and unlocking the door, some models offer hands-free access. It can be programmed like when you leave the home and leave the area it automatically gets locked the door and when you come to the proximity of the area it opens the door automatically after detecting that you are returned home.

The above were some things to consider while installing a new smart door lock, thanks to smart locks. They have simplified things for you. Once you have installed it, contact customer support and ask them to teach you to create custom codes, and setting fingerprints, etc is good for your home’s safety.

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