Some Important Ways to Monitor Your Kid’s Progress in School

Monitoring students’ progress represents a vital part of being an active private tutor in Malaysia. Having students recognize their improvement and evaluate how it links to bigger objectives enhances their effort. Plus, monitoring helps tutors stay motivated and remain to improve their effectiveness by analyzing trends in the student’s achievement.

Yet, tracking progress efficiently without a systematic data policy can be a hurdle in Malaysia, especially when you’re handling lots of students in a tuition center. Effective progress tracking is much easier when you hire a private tutor in Malaysia. Here are a few methods of monitoring done by our fellow private Malaysian tutors.

Monthly reports on student progress

Student evaluations have long possessed a powerful influence on the educational system, particularly in Malaysia. Private tutors in Malaysia hold monthly reports of their students’ performance, tracking every lesson with an individual planner. Besides, tutors from the online tuition platform like My Quality Tutor, My Private tutor, and Champion Tutor Malaysia also own planners for each student under their supervision for the following tuition class.

Also, tutors from My Quality Tutor are trained to carry out tests every soon, or later, drafting all the topics included in the previous tuition classes. After such careful monitoring, private tutors update the parents with feedback and a progress statement with their child’s improvement throughout the tuition class.

Parent feedback session

Private tuition centres in Malaysia understand how crucial it is for parents to recognize their child is improving; hence, they aim to organize parents’ conferences certain times annually. Parents who are concerned, take a more prominent role in their child’s education and projects during tuition classes, which guides them to perform better during the examination.

Parents’ positive judgment greatly influences their children’s opinion towards private tuition centres, which, in turn, undeniably contributes to students’ achievement during the tuition classes and examination. Their views can maintain this positive attitude among students. Also, by sharing their opinions, parents may be giving helpful insights for our Malaysian private tuition centres.

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