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The Washington team plans to continue to use the current jerseys, and the temporary team will use at least 1 year. All original team names and sign elements have been removed on the wholesale jerseys and helmets.

Lightning team signed the veteran kicker Mark Black

In the game with the New England Patriopters last week, San Diego Flash Broth abandoned Mike Scifres, in an abandoning kick, it was blocked, and he had not been able to continue this season.

Everything is coming very sudden, just a few days ago, Bryant also said that it is necessary to absent the regular season, and now he has begun to be a super bowl. The facts also prove that the cowboy is preferred for Bryant. They gave him a total value of $ 45 million.

However, Owen also agreed that Bryant and Quartan Dak Prescott still need to work together, Prabote should learn to randomly strain, and ultra-tactical arrangements will pass the ball to Branet, so The latter’s full energy is released, and the performance of the outer junction should be played.

Pete Carroll Pitt – Carroll, US Time, told reporters on Monday, the team star angle Wei Richard Sherman suffered the inside of the knee joint during the season. But the team did not inform the outside world, nor did Shelman included in the injury or training list.

Washington coach: Using the temporary team name is required for a long time

After abandoning the Red Leather Team Name and Sign, Washington will temporarily temporarily prize Washington football team as a temporary name.

This label will make Landri’s salary in the new season to approximately 16 million US dollars and is non-exclusive, which means he can negotiate with other teams, but his new east needs to send two first round of draft. Dolphins get him.

“We discussed. I have participated in these discussions,” Rivira said. “The situation is that we realize that the rename needs to spend 16 to 18 months. It is unable to complete the name. So we really have to do homework, we have to study thoroughly to do what we have to do in the future. Because we want to make sure to make correct Things. We want the new team name to experience the time test, we can use 100 years. We will be very busy with a very diligent company, they hope that their works have an inclusive. We will do this correctly “

So the outside world has questioned such a behavior, but the current alliance did not give official reply. Carol said that Sherman’s injury has a great impact on his movement state, and there is a lot of pressure on his competition.

“Players (for new jerseys) are very good,” Rivila said. “They feel that the new jersey is very clean. We keep traditional colors. We will continue to use Burgundy and golden match, this is still because this team is so long, we don’t want to lose history. So we will keep color But the players like the jersey and the treatment of old elements. They also like to print the number of the side of the helmet, from the University of Alabama, very excited, so this will be a cool design in the future. “

Cowboys, thinking that the team should retain Bryant

DEZ BRYANT is not willing to receive a salary and restructuring the contract in the session season. The denim is expected to cut off this outer hand. But the team celebritic Temple Tmail – Michael Irvin does not want to become like this.

“The outer junction is not falling from the sky.” Owen said in Monday, “Why do you want to go to Dadz? Who can replace his position? & Hellip; & hellip; top is difficult to find, if the denim is true To put him, it is really stupid fucking to open the door & mdash; & mdash; stupid home. “

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