Some interesting facts about Barbie

The Mattel Corporation in Europe is still selling picture frames, plastic furniture, and dolls. Co-founder Ruth Handler travelled through Switzerland with her family when her daughter picked a fashion doll named Lilli. The toy was unique from what was available in the states. It gave Ruth Handler an exciting idea.

She helped Mattel launch Barbie on March 9, 1959, which became a legacy. The doll turned 60 years old in 2019 and is well-known for her plastic body and beauty. Here are some facts about this toy that the world is curious to know:

Inspired by paper dolls

Barbara Handler, daughter of Mattel co-founders Ruth and Elliot, launched the doll. She played with paper dolls for hours as a child, which sparked Ruth’s vision to create a 3D doll for girls to fulfil their imagination.

The name

In honour of her source of inspiration, Barbara Handler named the doll Barbara Millicent Roberts. Ironically, she turned 17 years old by the time the doll debuted.

The origin             

According to Mattel’s official website, the doll belongs to the fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin. The state of Wisconsin proudly claims her as their native daughter. The Wisconsin Historical Museum also featured an early version of the doll.

The outfit

The first doll sold in 1959 had a black and white striped swimsuit with blonde or brunette hair. Her eyes were leering coyly to the side, and she did not look ahead till 1971. More than 100 yards of fabric got utilised in sewing her clothes, making Mattel the biggest garment manufacturers in the world. It also inspired girls to buy Barbie makeup.


Mattel claims that somewhere in the world, one doll sells every three seconds. It also inspired girls to dress up and love themselves. They found a companion in the doll and made her an unforgettable idol for life.

Other toys

Girls also love playing with a teddy bear and sleeping with it during bedtime. It is a symbol of innocence because it protects children from fear while ensuring sound sleep. It is cuddly, adorable, and comes in a range of sizes. It brings a smile to every child’s face while giving immense happiness.

The stuffed toy is a source of comfort to soothe, protect, and keep your child secure. They give a familiar sight, touch, and smell. There is no doubt that these creatures do wonders in providing comfort. Nurturing them is a great way to help your child learn to care for others and eventually explore difficult feelings like empathy. It also encourages imagination with positive problem-solving skills for the future.


There are special occasions to gift your child a cute teddy, including birthdays, Christmas, the arrival of a sibling, or an achievement. This toy is one of the popular choices in a toy store.

Buy these from stores or websites as a gift and see their innocent faces break into a smile.

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