Some must known things if you wish to increase Instagram engagement

Social media is a place to share ideas, information, career interest, and many things which let you know what people are up to. Social media refers to an Internet-based platform which offers easy communication. Instagram is one of the most used social media today. Every individual who is socially active is likely to have an Instagram account. Many businesses use Instagram to increase their brand image and followers.

Getting free Instagram followers is not as easy as you presume. It takes much efforts to built a strong follower base. You should wait and work hard to make your profile look genuine as the followers may not increase in just one night. It takes time for people to trust and understand a brand or business before becoming a loyal customer or an all-time follower.

For increasing the likes on your posts you can choose to buy Instagram likes. In this, you pay the vendor and in return you see the likes increasing on your posts. But, you should be aware of fake and illegal vendors as it takes away your goodwill and makes your real followers unfollow you.

You must know these things if you wish to increase engagement and followers on your account-


  • You should post on Instagram with the purpose of posting strategy that aligns with your brand. Use relevant hashtags, geotags and call to action to get more engagement and grow your account.
  • Make your posts and captions as attractive as possible, so that the viewer tends to visit the website and explore more.
  • Be frequent in posting as it will remind your followers of you and your engagement and contact with followers may create leads.
  • Post for your demographics’ time zone, you should know the best time to post on Instagram as this might not be the same as your own, but it is important to pay attention to.
  • Remove all the unwanted taggings from your profile as it may distract the visitor from the niche you deal in.
  • Approve the tags which are relevant before showing the post on your profile.

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