Some of the Best Anagram Solvers

You can use anagram solvers for various purposes such as using them to create new words from a specific set of letters, or as helping hand for games like Words With Friends, and Scrabble, Or for many other purposes. Here is the list of some best anagram solvers for Android, iOS as well as web.

Anagram Solver

Anagram Solver is available for iOS, and it is one of the best anagram solvers that boast a library of more than 30,000 words. It has a clean and straightforward user interface and supports various filters, multi-word anagrams, and blank letters for board games along with word definitions. It is an excellent app and entirely available for free with some ads.

Scrabble Expert

Scrabble Expert is an excellent anagram solver specially made for Scrabble players. It provides you with a bunch of features, including blank tile support, non-vowel words, offline support, short words, and many more. Scrabble Expert is available for free as well as it offers a premium version for $2.20.

Word Breaker

Word Breaker is one of the best and oldest word game helpers. It comes with three different themes. The app allows you to take screenshots and recommends the words as well according to the words in the game board. It is quite a decent anagram solver app, and it is available for free to use. Word Breaker also offers a premium version that will cost you $1.99.

Scrabble WordFinder from YourDictionary

Scrabble WordFinder from YourDictionary is quite a decent but not very popular anagram solver that supports a dozen word games such as Words With Friends, Scrabble, and many more. It has a straightforward user interface, and you can use it for free with some ads. It also offers a premium version that will cost you $1.99 for a month or $17.99 for a year.

Words Cheat

Words Cheat is another fantastic anagram solver loaded with some decent features such as offline support, a straightforward user interface, tools to calculate scores for each word, and many more things. You can use Words Cheat entirely for free with some ads.

The Word Finder

The Word Finder is quite a simple and quick anagram solver that you can use for the various board and word games, including WordFeud, Words With Friends, Scrabble, etc. It supports up to 20-letter words, blank spaces, and it even offers some filters that you can use to do advanced searches. The Word Finder is available for free with ads, and it even offers a premium version that will cost you $0.99.

Word with EZ Cheats

Word with EZ Cheats is an excellent anagram solver, especially for the game Words With Friends. It can scan the game board automatically in Words With Friends. It offers you some other useful features too like a dictionary or other stuff. It is quite a decent choice, especially if you play the game Words With Friends, and you can use it for free. It even has a premium version that will cost you $1.99. is an excellent website to solve anagrams loaded with lots of features, and it works with various dictionaries too. You can access this website entirely for free. is a fantastic anagram solver website that supports a variety of word games and blank tiles. This website supports various words that contain certain letters, hook letters, etc. It even allows you to choose the words that begin or end with certain letters. You can access this website entirely for free.

So, these are some best anagram solvers that you can use to solve various anagrams quickly and easily. I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful for you. Thank you!

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